Tuesday, September 28, 2010


This one is kind of fun.

How often do you end up with leftover spaghetti?

We had spaghetti one night for dinner at my grandmother's house. It was great! But like most people do, she made way too much.

I was going to go fishing on the weekend. Now, I always come up with stuff to eat for my trips. This time my grandmother said she would pack up my food for the weekend. I always take extra food and stuff, because I never know when I might want to stay longer if the fishing is good.

Well, I got up to my favorite fishing place on the Gore, unloaded everything, and set up camp.
By about 4pm I decided that it was time to head back to camp and start dinner. I had some good looking fish and I should have cooked them up, but thought that I would see what grandmother had packed. Guess what? Spaghetti. . . lots of spaghetti.

I can come up with just about anything when it comes to food. I forgot a pan. So I dug out my Dutch Oven.

Now,hang on to your hat: I made spaghetti pizza. Any of you ever had that? You can use a cake pan or whatever at home. Just make sure you grease it good or use that Pam stuff.

Here we go :
Take and whip up 3 eggs, and pour them in your pan, (or -- like I did -- in the bottom of the Dutch Oven. Spread in your leftover spaghetti, then top with leftover sauce (or any type of sauce you like.) Add some sliced pepperoni, sausage, peppers, onion, mushrooms or whatever you like or have on hand.

Then if at home, bake for 45 minutes or so at 350. If in the Dutch Oven in a fire pit, cover the top with coals from the fire -- just kind of pile them on -- and set the Dutch Oven in coals. Cook for 50 minutes. Then top with some mozzarella cheese (or other cheese), and let it melt for a bit.

Serve it up and enjoy. (This goes real good with some sheepherders bread.)

So there you have it.

Now feed your face!


  1. I have never had it, but I can't even really imagine it. Still, spaghetti in any form, huh? :>

  2. OK, maybe it is more like a spaghetti casserole, than a pizza.

  3. Everything tastes wonderful, when you are outdoors,camping,etc.You are usually so hungry, you'll try anything,once.


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