Thursday, October 14, 2010


This is a true story. It was told to me by my Uncle Fay. It takes place up on the Gore, above Kremmling, Colorado. I, myself, have not seen this, but I have heard it from other people also around the area.

Uncle Fay used to own a large ranch up in Kremmling, right out side of the town limits. And also had a lot of land up on the Gore above the ranch. And as you know, my sister and I use to spend a lot of our summers on the ranch. There are a lot of stories of ghosts and such all around this area.

Uncle Fay raised a lot of beef on this ranch, and had a hard time keeping track of all his cows. When this took place, he was up on the Gore looking for some of his cows. The area he was in had some real old growth pine trees. Now, there is one real old tree that has been hit by lighting who knows how long ago. And it is at this tree that Uncle Fay has come to look for his cows. He tells me that he was up there at about 5 PM in the afternoon, and was having a hard time finding cows, when all of a sudden, his truck quit running. Said it was like someone just shut it off. And he could not get it to re start.

Seeing as it was cold out and starting to get dark, he decided that instead of trying to walk back to the ranch, he would just sleep in the truck if need be.
So, Fay kept trying to start the truck about every hour or so, with no luck.
Fay told me that at about 2:30 or 2:45 AM, he woke up cold and tried to start the truck again, with no luck, when he suddenly thought that he saw something out the rearview mirror.

As he truned to look, someone knocked on the driver's-side door, and when he turned his head to look out the side window, there was no one to be seen. So he got out of the truck, walked all the way around it and didn't see a thing. As he was getting back in the truck, he said that he saw a blue light over by the big old pine tree.

Fay said that the light did not seem to be from a flashlight, and that it was a dark blue light that seemed to be setting on the ground. As he aproched the blue light, it moved to the other side of the tree. And as he got close to it, it seemed to stay about 10 feet from him. As he turned to go back to the truck to see if he had a flashlight, the light vanished. When he got to the truck, he heard what sounded like a voice saying, "Why are you here?"

Now it takes a hell of a lot to scare Fay, and this really had him going. He turned around real fast in the direction of the voice, and there in front of him, about 10 feet away, are all of these little lights. Blue, green, red, yellow, orange, and purple. And they are floating in the air, and moving around one another!
Uncle Fay is about to flip; he has no idea what these are, or where they are coming from.

Fay runs to the truck and tries to start it, but now the battery is dead -- it won't start. He doesn't even have a dome light. As he sets and watches, all of these little lights are flying around his truck, and around the old tree. Fay told me that by this time, he counted at least 25 of these lights.

At some point, he fell asleep in the cab of the truck. When he woke up, he said the first thing he did was to set up slowly, it was still dark out, and when he tried the truck, it started right up. He decided that he would send one of my cousins up to look for the cows, he wanted to get the hell off of the mountain, and get home.

So he drove home and told my cousins Steve, Bill, and Andy what had happened. And of course they laughed and picked on him about it for awhile, Until it happened to them.

None of them like to go up around this tree to this day. I have taken Kathi to it several times, and have pictures and everything. Its a neat place to go and the old tree is huge, it has rocks in its bark. And the view from up around the tree is great. I have not spent the night up there... yet. But I'm going to.

I am taking a camera and several flash lights, just in case.

Nobody knows what they are; but, people still talk about them to this day.

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