Thursday, October 7, 2010


This is a little late of a post for Thursday.

Today I was starting to clean up the patio for my wife. She is having some family members over for a few drinks and munchies of some kind on Friday night.

I started to sweep and move things around, and had to move one of my grills out of the way. (You know how us guys are about our grills.) Well, as I was moving it, I decided that I would clean it up a bit also just in case they would like me to grill them something.

So, now the patio is on hold. As I was taking the cover off I thought that I would only need to change the foil in the bottom. WELL, that just wasn't going to get it. As I removed the tray I saw all of this real fine ash.

This grill runs on and burns wood pellets. It is made by TRAEGER, a bbq grill and smoker all rolled in to one, and it makes some real fine BarBQ. Anyway, here is all of this fine ash. So I go and get out my shop vac, plug it in, turn it on, and go to town sucking up all the ash.

I guess I should have checked the vac first.

I had loaned it to someone in the family, like a year or so ago, and had not used it since. When I cranked it up, I had the shop vac behind me. I was really going to town on the ash when I just happened to look up and see this REAL FINE cloud of ash coming out of the shop vac.

Now there is fine ash ALL over the patio, chairs, tables, planters, me, and our dog Nugget. And he is setting on the patio, covered in all of this fine ash and looking at me, like," what the $%%$ are you doing!" Nugget is yellow lab and golden retreivier mix; he is 9 years old.

So now I have a bigger mess to clean up, plus the dog. There are now footprints from me and from the dog, plus one butt print (from the dog, not me) on the patio floor.

I took some pictures to show.

The rubber seal for the lid on the shop vac is missing, and it is not in the bottom of the vac.

Lesson for the day: When you check out stuff that you loan out, don't take it for granted that it will be returned the same way you lent it out. I loaned it out to my brother-in-law, and he used it to suck up water from a leak they had last year. Check stuff out before using your own stuff when it comes back.

I hope you all have a better day then I'm having this afternoon.

HHMM. Maybe I'll grill something for lunch today. Then clean the patio.

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