Thursday, November 4, 2010

FEED YOUR FACE: Fried Bologna Sandwich, a little different

OK, everyone has had a fried bologna sandwich. (And if you have not, well try one anyway.)

First off, toast 4 -6 slices of bread.

Before you heat up the frying pan, you need to make the spread for the bread.

You need:
1/4 cup brown sugar.
1/2 cup mustard, your choice. (I like just plain yellow mustard)
Mix together, and spread it on the toasted bread.

NOW, you can fry up the bologna. Careful, don't burn it.

Make your sandwich like a stack or a decker sandwich.

One of these puppies, a handful of chips, and maybe a cold beer.

And you're in bologna heaven.

So feed your face, and enjoy.


  1. This sounds killer Jim! Yummy!!!
    I have been reading your blogs since you started them and I find they always seem to brighten my day a little. You still have your gift of story telling! :-)

    - Robbie

  2. Thanks, I have LOTS of stories. And some of them are really true. And I love to be able to put a smile on peoples faces. And I like to cook, to feed my face, and anybody elses.


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