Thursday, November 11, 2010

On Veteran's Day

I'm sorry that this is late today. I just needed some extra time to get my thoughts together. I don't want to be putting a lot of political stuff on this blog, and this is about as political as I get here.

We are the greatest nation in the world. We have had people from all over the world come to our shores seeking a better life for themselves and their families. And they have done this for hundreds of years. Those that came over learned to speak our language and adopted this country as their own. They have given this country a vast heritage along the way. Some of their traditions we have taken as our own. These same people have fought and died for this country also. Our families over the generations have mixed and thrived.

My family has Scotch, Irish, German, and Native American. And who knows what else! We have had fathers, sons, uncles, brothers, sisters, and moms that have laid their lives on the line for us all over the generations.

Did you know that we lose at least one of the Greatest Generation a day now? How many Vets do you know from World War II? Or Korea? How about Vietnam? And now we have family and friends in Afghanistan and other parts of the world fighting for us and our way of life, for what we hold dear as Americans.

Everyone of us knows someone who has been or is in combat. We honor them just one day a year. Ask yourself, "What can I do? How can I help?"

Well, there are several things you can to today and always.

Like, if you are out having a meal and you see people in uniform eating. Walk over and thank them. Or maybe you could even pay for their meal. I and my brother-in-law have done this several times.

How about donating money to your neighborhood VFW hall?

You could maybe go to a nuring home and visit with some of the Vets there and thank them for what they have done. Go to the VA hospital and talk to some of the patients or donate some time there to help out.

How about adopting a deployed soldier? My wife and I have adopted a young airman. We send him care packages and letters to thank him and remind him that his service is appreciated and he is not forgotten. We do this through an organization called Soldiers' Angels. When we first adopted him in July, there were about 750 soldiers waiting to be adopted. Today, there are just under 1,500 -- the number has doubled. Please consider adopting so that no soldier goes unloved.

Soldiers' Angels has several other programs you can work with if you would like to do something with your time and talents. A visit to their Web site will give you a nice overview of the teams and projects.

I'm sure that if you think about it, you can think of other ways to thank our people who are in the military or who have been in the military.

How about having a Vet or soldier to your home for Thanksgiving this year?

You can wear red every Friday as an outward symbol of your support for our troops. Click to see Red Shirt Friday's Web site for information on that AND for other ways you can help. In fact, I dare you to go just to listen to the song they play there 'cause I bet you will have to cry in gratitude: Red Shirt Fridays. Why red? "They bleed red, so we wear red."

There are so many things we can do, and not just for Veteran's Day -- do it EVERY day!

These are our family members who have put their lives on the line for all of us: now and in years past. Let's not take any of them for granted.

Hug a Vet. It will put a smile on your face, and maybe a tear or two also.

I think it's worth more than that. Don't you?

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  1. A nice post. Thanks for the great reminders.


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