Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Aw jeez, I blew it, I messed up. Sorry that I missed my blog for today. Things happen, Too many things going on at one time. Too many Christmas goodies to munch on, that make you want to take a nap. More Christmas shopping then one person can handle and that makes you to want to take a nap. And then putting up the tree, decorating the front yard, hanging them lights only to find out that some of them won't plug in. Running extention cords to run all the lights. Then there is replacing all of those little lights that are burned out and that makes you to want to take a nap. Did I mention all the goodies to munch on also make you want to take a nap?

Then we have the crowds of people at the stores. It makes you to want to pull out your hair at times. Walking the mall. Which makes you to want to take a nap. And all those little vendors who sell all the little samples of munchies that taste so good at the time because you have been running around the mall for over four hours and needed something to eat. Then you still have not finished your shopping! You still need to pick up things for the people you work with and that makes you to want to take a nap. And even taking a nap leaves you tired.

Then we have the parking lot. Makes me yawn just saying it. You drive around, and around, and around looking for any spot -- don't even worry about a close-in one -- even when it is three miles away at the far end of the lot. You have to walk all that way to the store. As you walk, all you see is a sea of shopping carts, and the people pushing them are guys who look like they could use a nap, but it seems that the women have smiles on their faces. Maybe because they have dragged the husbands with so they can't take a nap!

You see all of the empty carts outside the store, never thinking of taking one because they will have carts in the store. Then when you get in the store, you find that there are no carts. So, back out to the parking lot to get a cart. And, of course, all of the close ones have been taken so you end up almost walking back to where you parked to get a cart. How many of them carts end up putting new dings and dents on your car that you won't find until you wash off your car later in the week?

Then there are the Christmas parties. If you go to enough of them, you want to take a nap. The food they serve is filling and good and you forget all about your diet and trying to get rid of the isle of belly. When you finish, it is time for a nap. When the party is where you work you have to be on your best behavior. No letting your hair down. No dancing with the lady from accounting. Watch how much you drink and watch out who you talk to. You don't want anything bad said that might get you in trouble later on. You really can't have that much fun anyway, because you're thinking about what your kids are up to back at home. Have they been sneaking looks at gifts, or looking for where you have hidden the presents? It is all so tiring, you want to take a nap.

So, I messed up. I took a nap. And my wife Kathi was nice enough not to wake me. I only got up because the phone rang. It was Kathi, reminding me that we have a party to go to tomorrow. So now I'm doing my blog entry for today. Then I think that Nugget and I will take a little nap, so that we will be nice and refreshed for when Kathi gets home.

Now, where are those sugar cookies and eggnog?

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