Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Here is some information I received from a friend about some uses for WD-40.

Every one should have a can or two of this stuff on hand -- at home, in the car, workshop, barn, tool shed, or even your garden shed. This stuff does more than just stopping squeaks; there are a lot more uses. Here are ideas how to use it.

Protect silver from tarnishing: Spray some WD - 40 on a rag and wipe down all your silver.

Keeps shower doors free of water spots. After cleaning the glass door, wipe it down with WD - 40 on a clean rag.

Mirrors: Just as the shower door. No fogging!

It will remove splattered grease on your stove. Do not use near open flame. Spray on a rag and wipe down your stove.

It will remove traces of duct tape and label goo.

Wipe down all of your metal tools to keep them rust free.

Spray a little on hard to loosen lug nuts or bolts.

After cleaning the blades on your ceiling fan, wipe them down with some WD -40. Dust will not collect as quickly.

Use some to get rid of them black scuff marks on your wood floor.

Thats just a few things you can do with WD -40. Look at the WD-40 Web site for lots more ideas.

I have even heard of using it on lures for fishing, but I would check with fish and game first.

I have heard of spraying fire ant bites with WD -40. Also to keep flies off of cows. I do not have a cow, and I have never been bit by fire ants , so I do not know if it really works or not for that. But what the heck, there is nothing in WD -40 to hurt you I have been told. Give it a try.


  1. Hello:

    I just wanted to write and say that I literally stumbled onto your blog and am so enjoying reading it - Thanks! I also read Chickens in the Road too......

  2. Thank you ever so much. I also read Chickens in the Road. Love it.
    Check back, I try to put a smile on your face. And I think that I have some good things to pass along every now and then.


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