Tuesday, January 25, 2011


This is for real, but it seems out of place for Colorado. (And in the animal kingdom, for that matter!)

We went to Gateway, Colorado, last spring. One of the places we visited was the Gateway Stables. They offer horseback riding, picnics, riding lessons, horse therapy, horse painting, pony cart rides -- just about anything horse-related that you can think of.

Before we left, the stable manager asked if we had ever seen a zorse. Uh. . . what's a zorse?! It's a cross between a zebra and a horse!

It really is.

So, she brought the zorse out so we could see for ourselves. Nobody rides it. It's more like a pet (though not easily managed and much bigger than an average pet). Here's a picture we took so YOU can see it, too!

If you ever get the chance, you should visit Gateway. Don't blink, though, or you could miss it! It's about 45 minutes out of Grand Junction. Here's a link to the stables: http://www.gatewaycanyons.com/play/the-stables/ . They are open in the winter by appointment.

A zorse is a zorse, of course, of course. . .


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