Tuesday, January 11, 2011


OK , I know that I can do this. It is time to get rid of the Isle of Belly. I am starting with a cleansing of my body on the inside, then we start to work on the outside. So I started with some Cleanz + from H.A.R.D. Nutrition. It is to clean your colon , kidneys , and liver. I drink one bottle of this every night , along with the pills in the bottle cap, for two weeks. Then I also drink a bottle of Fat Fighter every morning after breakfast. It is for weight loss & control. It also has pills to take. I will take this also for two weeks. They say that you can eat the same food you have always eaten and that you will still lose weight.

Cool if that part works. But, I am still going to pick out a diet, not sure which one quite yet, but I will get on one here this week . So I drank the Cleanz+ last night And had the Fat Fighter Monday morning after breakfast . I was surprised that after having a breakfast of milk, juice, my cup of coffee, one egg, and two pancakes (then drinking this stuff) that I really did not get hungry for the biggest part of the day, even after shoveling snow for the biggest part of the morning.

So , I am starting out at 210.4 pounds, for this week. We will also start some kind of physical work out . I want to get my BMI down quite a bit. It is much too high right now. I have talked about it, now is the time to put up or shut up. I will let you all know how it goes, maybe once a week. And I will try to not post any fat pictures. This is supposed to be a family type of blog . Besides, no use scaring you all . Maybe when it is all done I will then post before and after pictures.

I will also keep on doing my FEED YOUR FACE even if it is not quite what is on my diet. I can always give it to family and friends . Might even do some diet dishes along the way.

So, that's it for now. I hope that you follow along, if you've a mind to.


  1. Make sure you have a good check up. Some of those cleanse products weaken you a bit. And along with shoveling snow? Snow shoveling and a little age alone can bring on a heart attack.
    Use caution.That gets a lot of men,moreso than women.Good luck on your dieting.Men seem to have better results than women. We,women tend to diet so much, our bodies simply say,"Oh,no,she's starving me again", so it holds on tight to what it has.

  2. Thanks, Have had the check up , and everything is a go.


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