Tuesday, January 18, 2011

FEED YOUR FACE: Beer Bread part 2

OK, I know that I posted about beer bread in early December of last year. This time it is about beer bread in a package. All you have to do is add beer of your liking to the mix, pour it in a greased bread pan, and throw it in the oven. If you do not like beer, try it with ginger ale, or seven up, or even Dr. Pepper. It's all good.

This stuff we got as a gift from one of my sisters and her husband. It came in a beer bottle. All we had to do is pop the top. (It was kind of under presure and made a hissing sound, which made Nugget crawl under the table.) It spit some fine powder out and on me. We just poured the contents in a mixing bowl with 12 oz of beer or whatever you are going to use. Mix it up, but do not beat it to death, then pour in the pan. Have the oven preheated at 375. Place in oven and start to drool some.

When it is done, set it out for a few minutes before removing from the pan. That leaves the time to get out the butter and homemade jelly. It came out pretty good, but I am having a real hard time of limiting myself to a slice every two days. 'Course the picture shows two slices, but I was kind enough to make a slice for my wife.

When you are on a diet, I do not care what they say, you cannot stay on a diet 24/7. You need to still have a little comfort food every now and then. As long as you do not go over board you will still shed the pounds. It still takes time and willpower. Rome was not built in a day. And the Isle of Belly didn't just show up one night. (Though it did seem to show up pretty quickly.)

So, try a bread mix every once in awhile. Some of them do taste pretty good and I really like them for camping and fishing trips. Makes things easy out in the field.

So, FEED YOUR FACE! And don't forget the jelly!

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