Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Well, we made it through another year. And as custom dictates, resolutions and new goals for 2011. How many did you make, and how many are left over from last year? I still have some left over from when I was in high school. I just keep on moving them from year to year. But I will get to them one day.

One I have had for years is to drive a NASCAR. Friends in high school told me several different times that I drive like I'm at Indy or running moon shine or think that I'm doing time trials for NASCAR. I've done demolition derby at Lakeside Speedway before they shut it down. I used to take friends four wheeling before I had something with four wheel drive. I even did some jumping with a car. And who didn't like doing doughnuts in a parking lot full of snow?! Yep, I was made for speed. I'm just slower now than I used to be.

Another one is I always wanted to be a cowboy. Not the bang bang kind on the big screen or TV. But a cowboy that works with cattle on a ranch. All the other kids I knew back in the early 60s wanted to be bankers, doctors, firemen, policemen and such. Then I would tell them I wanted to be a cowboy. That led to a few rounds of getting the snot kicked out of you. 'Course, I never gave up on that dream and goal.

I got to spend time with my aunt and uncle on their ranch up in the Rockies. I got to ride horses, chase after cows, help feed the animals, help with mending fence, help with putting up hay, and taking care of sick little calves. I also just got to be a kid having fun every summer on the ranch. So, to some degree, I have been a cowboy. I learned much from the experience and would love to have a small ranch now if I could swing things the right way.

Also, I want to learn how to fly. I have had some time flying; I have 12 hours so far. I will finish up one day though. I started this adventure with my Dad. He has always wanted to fly and we had a chance for it several years ago. Things were going fine until one day he said that he was feeling dizzy. He didn't fly for a few days because of this, so he went to the doctor and found out that he has Meniere's Disease, which is a pain to have -- it makes you dizzy, sick to your stomach and what not. So he dropped out of our flying together. It's not his fault, and I feel really bad about him not being able to fly. And I WILL finish up and be a pilot one day.

A newer goal is to work on the Isle of Belly. Talk about a challenge! I still do not have a palm tree for it, so I will spare you a photo. (You will thank me for this.) There are so many diets out there, and picking the right one is going to be a royal pain in the keester. It is going to be real hard. I love to cook and eat what I make. (And what everyone else makes.)

I was told as a child, "Eat what's on your plate!" and we could not leave the table until our plates were clean. Used to be I could eat anything and everything and not gain an ounce. Now I just gain pounds instead. 'Course, I know I'm also to blame.

I mean, come on, fresh homemade bread with butter and homemade jelly? Who in their right mind can turn away from such lip-smacking good food. I can't. 'Course I know that I shouldn't eat it every day. Or every other day. All in moderation. (Now all of you, don't be running out to make homemade bread and jelly.) I joke about it and make fun of myself about being overweight. I was such a skinny guy when I was growing up. I had friends that were bigger than I was by weight and seemed to always be taller. I only weighed 130 pounds in high school. At 5' 9'' and at that weight, I even had a hard time getting on the football team. (That's another story. Ha!)

So, I will be starting a NEW diet to look better and for my health. (Drum roll.) And I think that I may blog about it. But not every day. I will still do FEED YOUR FACE. I just won't be eating it all, mistakes included. Also I will try not to post any pictures along the way. Unless I think it would show a big difference from start to finish. (Sorry, no bare skin for some of you.)

I hope that you all have a great new year and that you all make the goals that you set for yourselves. And for those who also diet this year -- let's do it!


  1. Pop used to drive race cars,though not for the big races. He drove in Louisville, Ky.and Indiana and all the little dirt tracks around here.When they opened the new track in Sparta,he and his daughter got an opportuity to drive their personal vehicles around the track.Pop got to shootin'the breeze with them, and they let him go as fast as he could(55 was suppose to be the limit). I guess after talking to him, they saw he had drove for years,so they turned their heads a bit.There was a lead car taking him around the track, and they told him to keep up with it, and it kept going faster and faster. Pop and his daughter and son in law had each paid to make 5 laps a piece. The daughter and her husband were so frightened after Pop's run, they bowed out and let Pop take their turn while they took pictures of it all. They have stories to tell for years over that episode.Pop and his two daughters,have cars and fast driving,in their blood.They are all three fast car crazy.

  2. Yep, nothing like a fast car. That is so cool. We are so lucky that we had a chance to do stuff like that, and not get hurt.


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