Thursday, January 6, 2011


Have you ever had one of those nights when you have eaten dinner and are lounging around? You caught the news on TV and maybe you have done some reading. It is after midnight, and all of a sudden you get this craving? I mean the kind of craving that just won't go away!

Well, I had one last night. Yep, this craving just would not leave me alone. We had Chinese food for dinner. That may have been part of the problem. You know how people say that after eating Chinese food you are hungry again after a couple of hours? Well Imade it 'til about 11 last night.

All of a sudden, I had a Cocoa Krispies attack. Didn't want them with milk. Didn't want them plain. Didn't want them in a bowl. I just had to have them as Cocoa Krispie treats. I'm here to tell you that I was really Jonesing for these bad boys. My wife thought that I was just being fidgety. After I told her what I was wanting she offered to make some for me. I even told her I would share them with her. Now, talk about a cool wife! Who will make you Krispie treats late at night?

Heck, she is so cool that one time, at about 3 AM, we both decided that we just HAD to have some cinnamon rolls. Guess what? We both got out of bed, went right to the kitchen, and I watched her make these honking cinnmon rolls. I mean these things melted in your mouth! You didn't have to really chew them. They just sort of slid down your throat. And we sat there eating the rolls, looking at one another, and grinning to beat the band. 'Course, our dog Nugget was not too pleased. I guess he was missing out on his beauty rest or something. I think that we ate almost the whole pan. Then went back to bed and slept like babies.

So, Kathi made the Cocoa Krispie treats. I got me a big glass of milk, and wolfed down 3 of them bad boys. Then I set up until about 2 AM, thinking about the rest of the treats in the pan. I had to finally give it up and go to bed.

And my diet? 'Course tomorrow is another day. YUM !


  1. Well, at least you were awake. I worked with a girl that would get up in the night and do such things, and never wake up or remember she had done it the next morning.

    Pop and I get a craving for cornbread, milk and tomatoes, if our evening meal was too early or too light.

  2. Now that sounds good. I have had cornbread and milk. But never had it with tomatoes. I'll have to give that a try.


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