Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Holy Bermuda shorts! It's cold here in Denver.

We have had ice on the roads and it is going to be like 8 below on Monday night. So Mister Chicken and I decided that it was time for some HOT chocolate.

Kathi wanted them little jawbreaker marshmallows in her brew. I opted to just mix chocolate milk, and some 2% milk, and WHAM- O, BAM- O -- we had our hot chocolate. If I would have thought of it sooner, I would have built a fire in the fireplace, but I had a one track mind and wanted that hot chocolate.

Mister Chicken agreed with me, after being out with Mister Snowman, that hot chocolate is just what the doctor ordered. It was so cold that Nugget would not go out and do his business in the backyard unless one of us went out with him. Maybe he was afraid that he might get stuck to the fence and he might need help. So nothing like going out in sub zero weather wearing your sweats and a heavy parka along with your mukluks.

Man, it was so cold that I had icicles hanging from my beard in about 3 minutes. Sorry I do not have a picture of that. Maybe sometime tomorrow. Tuesday it is only going to be a balmy 1 degree all day. So crank up the heat. Snuggle in a BIG blanket. The rest of the country east of Denver: bring in the dogs. It looks like it will be at least a 3 or 4 dog night!


  1. Yikes that is cold! Here in NJ, we are much warmer today than in past days but with lots of rain coming (on the partially frozen ground that makes for localized flooding)........But, since it is warmer, we are getting the dogs nice and worn out outside so they will be content when the weather DOES come. It is funny how our dogs contribute to our weather environment, huh?

  2. Yes it is. And our dog is such a wuss when it gets cold. But some times he will get a little crazy , and run out side, and bury his face in the snow.


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