Friday, February 4, 2011


Sorry that this post is a little late. I try to get them up eariler than this. We bowled last night and took 3 games. YAY, TEAM!

Kathi brought along a HUGE box of cupcakes that we shared with everybody on our leauge. (The reason for the cupcakes was my birthday!)

Yep, I hit the big 55. No big deal, just another day. I spent it shovaling snow. Today, I'm taking my aunt to doctor appointments all day, so I'll have lots of driving time. It at least gives a chance to talk and reminisce about things from the past. I'll post a little more later on.

So everyone stay warm, eat lots of chili, drink lots of hot chocolate, and snuggle with your dog or a loved one in a nice warm blanket.


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