Thursday, February 10, 2011


OK , I missed my post for Wednesday and I'm up late doing this one for Thursday. I have a good excuse for Wednesday: I was out shoveling snow for the biggest part of the day. It seemed that the more I shoveled, the more snow there was. It has been way too cold to set out in the garage and try to figure out what's wrong with my snowblower . So, I am getting a good workout at the end of the shovel.

As of today, all of the snow is off of the walks and both driveways (one of which is very long). Now, if it will just warm up enough to melt it all before the next batch of snow! My legs hurt, my hands are swollen, and I am a little down in the back. But you know what? It kind of felt good to be out and flinging snow. We will see how I am on Thursday.

Maybe I won't use the snowblower for the rest of the winter. Shoveling snow is pretty good exercise as long as you do not get crazy about it and do it all at one time. Space it out. Work at it for 20 minutes or so then go in and warm up a bit, then go out and hit it again for another 20 minutes or so . It may take you all day, as it did me. But you should be able to get it done. Just don't go overboard and hurt yourself, or freeze your lungs or toes or fingers or something.

And who gives a rip if it takes more than a day to get the job done. You're getting some of that good old vitamin D if the sun is out. It gives you a chance to see if any critters have been in your yard. Look and see what kind of tracks you can find. Then look them up on your computer and see who all has been around your home. Kids tracks and your pets do not count.

I found fox, coyote, rabbit, and magpie prints. The fox tracks went up our big driveway then over the fence. The coyote tracks went across the edge of our front yard. The rabbit tracks followed our back side walk around the garage. And the magpie tracks were around our trash cans. They also left a feather or two.

Maybe you don't shovel your walk or driveway. Maybe you have someone do it for you. But at least take a minute or two and step outside. Take a breath or two of winter air and look around at the beauty of all that white stuff on the ground. It's mother nature at her winter best. Or worst if that's how you look at it. It is a time of renewal for the year. And all the seeds will soon be poking their little heads up as plants.

And Spring will be here soon, I hope .


  1. HI Jim - I'm a fellow or "feline" Colorado neighbor - I saw you were featured on CITR today. Congrats! I have been reading your blog and it's funny - but it makes me feel good to read your blog. For some reason the terrific banner you have on your blog just sets the mood. I love your stories and I also love fishing although haven't been in years. One of the things my ex taught me and he was .... oh well, won't go there. I just wanted to say thanks for the great blog - I'll be reading and thanks for honoring Colorado so well.

  2. Thank you ever so much. I hope that you will keep on coming back. I love Colorado, and a few other states that I and my wife have been to.

    I enjoy being able to put a smile on people's faces. I try to let people see what I see through my eyes, and have to be able to laugh at myself sometimes and not be afraid to poke fun at myself every now and then.

    I'm glad you enjoy my blog. Thanks for commenting.


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