Friday, February 18, 2011


Save that jar of pickle juice. Buy a cucumber or two, slice 'em up, and pack them in your jar of pickle juice. Then put it back in your fridge. Wait about 4 days and you will have pickles. Or you could put in a few boiled eggs and have pickled eggs in about a week or so.

Or, maybe try putting 3 pieces of charcoal briquettes in your fridge and some in your freezer to absorb unwanted smells.
After about a month, put them back in the bag for burning in your grill. Use the untreated kind that do not have fuel on them for easy lighting. If they are the ones with fuel on them, they tend to make a worse smell than what you started with!

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  1. Speaking of pickles and reusing the juice - another yummy thing to do is to swap!
    Grab a jar of dill pickles (home made are best because they don't have the terrible high fructose corn syrup) and a jar of bread-n-butter or any other sweet pickles. Take all the pickles out of their jars and switch so that the sweet pickles go into the dill juice and the dill pickles go into the sweet juice.
    Refrigerate for a week, or so, then eat them and exclaim at their delicious yumminess. :D


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