Thursday, March 31, 2011

FEED YOUR FACE: Roasted Corn

I wish I had some corn right now. But our store does not have any at the moment. Otherwise, I would have some pictures to go with this. So, corn tastes great when roasted. One way is to peel back the husk and remove the silk. Then pull the husk back up over the ear of corn. You may have to maybe take some string and tie the husk to hold it in place. Then, dip your corn in water or let it soak for a few minutes. Grill the ears outside on your grill or place them on some flat stones around your campfire. Turn them every so often. You can also roast them in a cast iron skillet. Shuck it then roll it around in a hot buttered skillet. Or you can cut the kernels off and brown them up in your skillet with a dab of melted butter. 'Course, I like mine on the cob. With butter and some salt and pepper. You need to wear a short sleeved shirt, 'cause all that butter will be running down your arms. Or I guess you can just use a bunch of napkins if you prefer. When you get done eating all that corn, save the cobs. Make sure that you suck off all the butter first, and find a nice place to let them all dry out. No, we are not going to use them for wiping! Save them, get them dry, and we will make some corn cob pipes. And if you don't smoke, well sell them on ebay. How long has it been since you have seen someone smoke a corn cob pipe? It has been YEARS since I have. I even tried a corn cob pipe once. . .but that is a story for some other time.


  1. This makes me hungry for roasted corn now. Olathe Sweet Corn is only about 4 months away!

  2. Well, I'm ready, and able, and hungry. And Save them cobs!


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