Thursday, March 24, 2011

FIRE: Indian Gulch Wildfire

OK, I enjoy a nice campfire. And I enjoy a nice fire in my fireplace at home. I also enjoy a fire in our firepit outside in the back yard. I enjoy the smell of said fires. And while I enjoy these said fires, I have never had a stuffy nose or sneezed my head off or had a headache because of them.

But, since the Indian Gulch wildfire in Golden, Colorado, has been going, I have had headaches, stuffy nose, and sneezed my head off. I have blown my nose so much that it is redder than a fire truck. It's so red, I could replace Rudolph theRed Nosed Reindeer on Santa's sleigh.

My head is so stuffed that I can hear the ocean. I could swear that I heard whales and dolphins singing the other day. I have sneezed so much that I could power a windmill for a week. Ha! And everyone here in Colorado thinks that it is just the wind blowing.

Now, all joking aside. The fire in Golden is bad. I don't know what else it is burning, besides the usual stuff of trees, grass, weeds, flowers, and whatnot. It also has to be burning something else. Or it could be the fire retardant they are using. But it sure stinks worse than any camp fire I've ever smelled and it is very tough on people with breathing problems.

I swear that I have smelled burning tires that smell better than this fire. But once they get it put out, new grass will grow, new flowers will bloom, and the trees will spill their seeds for new growth. The critters will come back, too and make new homes.

People will be able to make it to the casinos easily again. Unless you just can't wait -- just take I-70.

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