Tuesday, March 29, 2011


The next time that you are on a camping or outdoor trip and it is time to roast a few dogs or some marshmallows, if the fire is too hot to hold your toasting fork near it, slip a large paper plate over the handle for a shield. Slide it towards your hand. It will protect your hand and your arm from the heat. If you have small ones about, do the cooking for them, as we do not want them to get the paper plate to close to the flames. That's all you need is some kids waving burning paper plates around. I lost a tent one time from something like this years ago. Needless to say the friend that caused this is no longer allowed to be near the fire when there are marshmallows to be cooked (though he is really good at catching fish). We now do all the cooking in camp. HHMMMM..... Now I wonder if he did it on purpose, so he no longer has to do any of the cooking on fishing trips!


  1. One of the best things about cooking and camping is how REALLY good all food tastes (no matter what it is!). Do you think that happens because everyone is extra hungry? I can still smell and taste the eggs first thing in the morning cooking over the camp fire along with some pork roll or bacon......Not fancy, but good stuff.

  2. Ces is right: everything does taste better when camping!

  3. I think it is because the air smells cleaner. And it makes you extra hungry.

    Now, where is that skillet and some eggs.


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