Friday, April 8, 2011


This is late today and I apologize for that. But I was just wondering. How many different types of scarecrows are there? And how big? Also, how big of a garden do you need to have a scarecrow? Is one scarecrow enough for something like a 1-acre garden. In the movies it seems that you only see one, all by itself, in a huge field. When is the right time to put one up? And how come you never see an overweight scarecrow? So, if I only have a barrel garden of, let's say, 5 barrels: do you put up a scarecrow? Or if I have only planter boxes, should I put up a midget scarecrow? And does a scarecrow just scare crows? Does putting a face on your scarecrow help scare the crows? Shouldn't there be different types of scarecrows to scare different types of birds? You never see any scarecrows in vineyards or orchards. So, I may be on to something here. I just might start my own scarecrow shop. Maybe even sell a few here on my blog. I just might have a person in mind who can be a model for them. Now, if I could just think of something to scare off the four footed critters from the garden. Hmmmmm. Maybe a scaretiger or scarebear, or how about a scarehunter? (that would be a scarecrow dressed as a hunter) By golly, I just might have a million dollar idea here. So, shhhhh, don't tell nobody!

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