Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Every year, we pay our taxes. Year after year. Maybe we should go back in time and pay them the way we used to pay for things. How about paying them off in chickens or eggs? Maybe milk, cows, horses, pigs, or goats?

How about we pay with the byproducts of said animals? We used to pay with grain. Or maybe we could pay them off with junk food! If you owe them one hundred dollars, pay it off with frozen pizzas or frozen veggies. Or -- to get really off the wall -- pay your taxes in BELLY BUTTON LINT! We could start a whole new economy based on belly button lint!

And if you don't have any belly button lint (though who out there doesn't?) you could use the lint out of your clothes dryer. Just think, the whole world run by lint. Have a war, run it on belly button lint! Exchange belly button lint on the stock exchange. Just imagine, the gold is gone from Fort Knox and it is now full of belly button lint.

And if we used lint as money, think about how much lighter our pants pockets would be if they were full of belly button lint instead of all that heavy change we are all used too. Then everyone would walk around with smiles on their faces.

I think that this just might work. I'll have to work out some more of the details, but it is something to think about.

And it is time for me to take some more NyQuil and take a nap.

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