Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I want to go fishing. But with this yucky weather we are having, I can not get my boat ready. It does not take much. All I have to do is get it down from the rafters in our garage. Then it is a matter of unfolding it, putting in the seats, and the transum in the back to hold the motor. Then it is ready.

I guess I could hold off and put it together once I get to a lake, but I like to have it ready to just put it in the water. The boat I have is what's called a Porta Boat. They come in several sizes and they are unsinkable. They will float even full of water. Sorry that I don't have a picture right now, but will come up with one or two later on. They are a blast! They have several things that you can add on to them, such as a sail or folding roof, and they come in several colors.

It's a boat that is easy to haul. It floats in about four inches of water, and is a blast to fish from or to just to float on a lake.

So, check them out at www.portaboat .com and go catch some fish!


  1. Today, with all the rain we've had, you could probably fish in the backyard. Remember setting up the Portaboat in the driveway for some driveway fishing?

  2. Yep, seems that I caught one of our planters.


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