Friday, September 23, 2011


Sorry. I've been pretty busy here at our house.

We had a yard sale and did pretty good. We picked grapes last Sunday and ended up with about 100 pounds of them little purple berries. They all needed to be stemmed, washed, and then cooked up to get the juice, which we are still doing. We will put the juice in quart jars and can them to save until we start to make jelly.

Also, I am working on getting things made for our online store. Hope to have it up by the end of September. (Cross your fingers.)

Plus, Kathi has had a lot of those mystery shop thingies to do. And of course, the Isle of Belly likes them also.

There has been yard work, parents to check on, aunts to haul around, and a cousins to check on. (From a auto accident. He is okay. Has a hard head.)

There have been about a million other things that needed my attention.

On another note: Fall is upon us! You can smell it on the crisp morning air and feel it on your body. It is a time to harvest things from your garden. To pick grapes, wild plums, apples, and other goodies that nature has bestowed on us. It's about time to drain the garden hose, and have the sprinklers blown out.

It's also about time to get the wintertime clothes out and try them on. I'm not even going to bother, I will just get new clothes for this winter, since the Isle of Belly has not given up and gotten smaller. I may need a new union suit. The old one is kind of bare in the backside.

It's also about time to think about snow tires for your ride. You don't want to be sliding on the streets. And what about a new snow shovel and a snow scraper. And wiper blades.

Time to also check out your snow blower to make sure it is ready. And have you got enough firewood set aside? It also makes me think about some yummy stuff to plan on cooking this fall.

How about smoked turkey, venison, elk, beef, pork, duck and other game birds that some of the guys like to hunt? And don't forget seafood, clams, lobster, fish, crab... okay, enough. The Isle of Belly is up and on the prowl.

Take some time to go look at the fall colors. Take your camera. Take a friend. Maybe take in a high school football game in your hometown. Or take a nice fall night and take your sweetie out for some sweets. (Mine likes to go to Sonic.) Enjoy the fall weather!

For those of you who like to go out with your smoke poles or do the bow thing: be safe, have a great time, and I hope that you get your game or bag your limit.

Yep, Fall is here. It can be a very pretty, colorful, chilly, family time of the year.

Enjoy and just try to not over-indulge. Too much of the fall colors can make you want that white stuff to start falling from the sky . And I, for one, want to enjoy Fall for awhile.


  1. Thanks for all the reminders, and that photo is beautiful!

  2. I hope we have a nice, long Fall this year. The snow can keep away for awhile, I think.

  3. those photos are gorgeous! but please stop talking about winter clothes! we are finally experiencing weather that is warm enough to swim in ... naked. but you already saw our bums so i won't be shy!

    thanks so much for stopping by our blog. you are added to our blogroll and i am now following you. i have had a quick scan of your blog and am liking what i see. soo nice to find like-minded souls who are thousands of miles away eh?

    keep on keepin' on grandad! and expect many visits from me and jambaloney!



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