Friday, September 2, 2011


First off, I want to thank everyone for following my blog. And to the new people that are now with us? Thank you!

Now, I have had a 24 hour bug that has been sticking around for the past several days. And it kicked my butt pretty good. But I am still alive and being a pest to certain people. OK, maybe a lot of people. Plus, if you have stock in toilet paper and Kleenex, your stock just went up!

I'm thinking that some good BBQ will make me feel a lot better. And lots of iced tea. 'Course, Fall is on the way, so I may need to change from ice tea to something fallish. Maybe, room temperature tea. And with fall coming, that means the holidays are not far behind. And that means..... EXPANDO PANTS time!

Yep, it will be time to get them pants out and see if they still fit. Everyone should have at least several pairs. The Isle of Belly loves his expando pants. They work great, none of this undoing your belt or unsnapping your pants. And they are stain resistant to boot. So get a few pairs before the holidays catch you popping buttons or busting zippers. You could put some ones eye out!

So with that in mind. Look below for a FEED YOUR FACE POST.


  1. Fall means going from Sweet Tea to a drink with a splash of something from Kentucky.

    And expando pants? Who wears pants? (j/k)

  2. Well, if I was not around my wife's family. I would be tempted to for go the pants. It just does not go good around company here in Denver.


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