Tuesday, September 6, 2011

TRAILMASTER: A neat little trailer

I think this is really cool. I found this little trailer some years ago at a Sportsman's show here in Denver. This little trailer does all kinds of stuff for the outdoorsman. Or even just for home.

It can be pulled by your ATV, or if you attach a handle it is like a 2 wheel wagon.

You can use it as a table and kitchen area for hunting and camping.

Pop off the wheels, extend the legs, and put it in the back of your truck for an above-bed rack with sides to keep stuff from falling out. And you still have storage under it in the truck bed!

Also, you can put the tires on the ends and attach this hummer to your hitch for extra storage.

Need a duck blind? This thing can also be set up as a duck blind that you lay in.

Check out some of the pictures.

At the time I found this little jewel, I was short on funds. And I vowed that I would buy one as soon as I could. Well, it has been several years, and I lost track of the card that was given to me. NOW I found it just the other day and called up the maker of this little trailer.

His name is John Wright, and he is starting up on some new trailers. I mean this is a serious working little trailer. So, give John a call and ask him about it. His cell number is 435-632-9463.

I'm working on getting one for myself right now, and I can't wait to get it! I have a few places I can't wait to get into with this trailer and my ATV.

Ask John for pricing. It's going to be reasonable and the trailer is well worth the money.

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