Friday, October 21, 2011


Holy moly. I've been busier than a one legged man at a butt kickin' contest. It has been a lot of running from here to there and everywhere.

We got my Dad and Mom to go to the flea market last weekend. We pushed him around in a wheelchair, so several of us got a good workout. Dad, on the other hand, just kicked back and enjoyed the ride. He directed whomever was pushing, saying "Take me over to that table." "Cross over to that table, he has tools!" "Look at them kerosine heaters over there." "Find out what he wants for that generator." "Push me over to that table, it has tools." (I guess you can never have to many tools.) "What in the world?! Is that a old GI stove over there? Yep. Well, the whole damn thing is rusted on the inside."

And Mom just kind of followed along. I'm glad that Kathi went with. It gave Mom someone to talk to. Then we got to the fruit and veggie vendors. It was a little hard to to follow the conversation when trying to buy some fruit or veggies, but thanks to Kathi and her Spanish.

In Spanish, aout all I can do is ask for beer and count to 10. And maybe enough to get myself in trouble or get my face slapped.

We bought some tomatoes and some poblano peppers. My sister bought some corn, 25 ears for $6. So we loaded up everything on Dad's lap. It was kind of hard for him to see over everything there at the end. But, what the heck -- he had seen it all when we first got there!

After the weekend, Kathi had Monday off from work and I ran amok. Plenty to do. We roasted tomatoes and peppers. We took one flat of Roma tomatoes, smoked and roasted them in our smoker, along with the peppers. We then put the tomatoes in our slow cooker, and made spaghetti sauce. (Recipe to come later.)

We took the other flat of tomatoes and sliced them up, sprinkled garlic powder on some, oregano on some others, and a little bit of salt on some others. Then we thew them in our dehydrator.

The tomatoes took 23 hours at 140 degrees. Man, oh man, did they ever come out good! So, we may head back to the flea market this Saturday and see about getting some more. The sauce also came out great. There were about 50 some Romas to a flat.

I promise to post the sauce recipe next week. Yum. So, get ready to Feed Your Face!


  1. Where is this wonderful flea market in relation to the Springs? We have nothing like that here. Would love to go to "yours". eunimoore@

  2. Seems you had a ton of fun...wish I had a bite of one of those tomatoes.

  3. Anonymous: If you take I-25 to I-76, it's an pretty quick trip. Their Web site is:

    Stephen: We did. The tomatoes were good -- and cheap!


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