Tuesday, December 6, 2011


This is more fun than riding a bicycle. When I was just a little kid, when we lived in Arkansas, I got a pedal car for Christmas. And, not just any pedal car -- it looked like a '57 Chevy. It was silver and blue. So, I forgot about my rocking horse and Wagon Train on the TV, and started being a race car driver who wore a six-gun and a cowboy hat.

No place in the house was safe! I parked that car right at the foot of my bed. It was parked only one night at the head of the bed, 'cause my dad came in one night to tell us good night and ran into my car, stubbing his toes and scraping his shin. So after that it was parked at the foot of the bed.

I would wake in the morning, jump to the foot of the bed, and then jump right into the driver's seat. And away I'd go. First stop? Potty. I would back into the bathroom, right next to the toilet, and stand on the seat of the pedal car, pee and -- when done -- away we went.

Next, a turn or two around the coffee table and then into the dinning room.

I was always stopped before I could drive into the kitchen. I was made to park my car out of the way while we ate breakfast. So, I parked it under the dining table. Now, I never let my sister drive my car 'cause she would break it.

Besides, she always wanted to put one of her dumb dolls in it. And that Christmas, she got the MOTHER of all dolls. This thing was as tall as she was. There was no way that the two of them would fit in my car. 'Course, there was the mom saying, "Share with your sister!"

Why?!! I didn't want her to share with me. All she had were them dumb dolls. Why would a race car/cowboy driver want to play with dolls!

One day I was out racing around the block and my sister had that mother of all dolls outside. She had roller skates on the doll, and she had her roller skates on and was trying to get this doll to skate down the sidewalk. On about lap 40, I came around the corner, took my legs and feet up off the pedals and was coasting down the sidewalk.

My sister and her doll were about half a block in front of me. Now, this is when that little devil that we all have in us as kids saw the doll in the middle of the sidewalk, and saw my sister in the grass walking and making this doll skate down the walk. Everytime I came up behind them, I had to slow down.

Well, not this time. I was coasting along like at 100 miles an hour. I hunkered down a bit in the seat and put the little painted hood ornament dead center on that doll. I hit that doll so hard that the hand and arm that my sister had a hold of was ALL she had. That doll flew! I mean, that thing must have been 50 feet in the air and was doing flips.

Me, on the other hand, got smacked by the doll's head as she started her first flip. One of the doll's legs was stuck under the front of my car and it was just big enough that it lifted the front end of my pedal car enough that the front wheels were off the ground.

The doll was 50 feet in the air, doing flips, I got smacked in the head by the doll's head, and I was teary eyed. There was a doll's leg stuck under the front end of my pedal car, so now I can't steer. And my sister is screaming her head off and chasing me down the sidewalk, swinging a doll arm.

Then I was off the sidewalk and headed towards a neighbor's driveway where his new Buick was parked. And then..... BANG! I hit the passenger side of the Buick. My pedal car stopped, the wedged doll leg slid under the Buick, my sister was still screaming, and she was starting to beat me with a doll arm. The doll had hit the ground and bounced into a rose bush.

I couldn't get out of the pedal car. I was trapped, not because of mangled metal, but because my sister had me by the shirt collar and was beating me to death. Mom heard the screaming of my sister, who was screaming like I ran over her instead of that doll. The neighbor lady who owned the Buick heard the screaming and came out to see what was going on. When she saw her new Buick, she started screaming also.

So everyone was screaming except for me. Mom got me out of my pedal car, and swatted my butt, and my sister was still swinging that doll arm from around mom. The neighbor lady wanted to swat my butt, too.

I was looking at my pedal car.

The front was crumpled some, the front tires looked a little out of whack, and there was this nice scratch of blue paint on the side of the white Buick. No ding, no dent -- just blue paint from my pedal car.

Mom grabbed me and my car, and dragged us to the house, saying the words that all kids dread: "WAIT TILL YOUR FATHER GETS HOME!"

Well he came home, asked me what happened, and I told him: I tried to run over my sister's doll because she would always make me slow down as I came down the hill and it wasn't fun going slow down a hill! My sister must have cried for something like a week, it seemed. It was maybe just a day. I was grounded for a week. You know. . . no TV and all that.

My dad fixed that stupid doll. One leg was scratched real bad. He managed to get the arm put back in and it had all of these little scratches from the rose bush. It's eyes didn't seem to work quite right after that. When you'd lay the doll down, and the eyes would close? Well, they kinda closed, but one eye kinda looked off to one side. And I never thought that I would see my pedal car ever again.

My dad somehow managed to fix it up. Or maybe one of the guys at the air base helped him fix it. It still worked, but the paint wasn't the same. It had a dent or three that couldn't be pounded out. The first time I took it around the block after it was fixed and coasted down that sidewalk, it seemed that it was going just a might faster than when it was new.

As I went by the neighbor lady, she gave me a crusty look, so I stuck my tongue out at her, and went right on by.

As I came up by my house, there was my dad with a smile on his face.

I don't know who, or how, but the Buick was fixed and repainted. It was the same color of blue as my pedal car. And the same blue as was still on the back of the legs on that stupid doll.


  1. Thanks for the story. Brings back memories from my childhood. I had a little brother. Him and my model airplanes is much like you and your sis.

  2. Nice story. Wish I'd had a pedal car, with a mounted .30 on the front end....


  4. teeheee...sounds like your sister had a "walking doll"...they were about 4ft tall and all of the girls of my age had them. want to hear sad? apparently my sister (who is 40) kept mine and her walking dolls all throughout her life and still has them to this day.

    beware a woman who saves walking dolls for her whole life!

    loved the story, buddy, but you deserved to be whacked with an arm. or was it a leg? you deserved to be whacked by both - bahahahahahah!

    your friend,

  5. Rob, a buddy of mine use to do model air planes, and battle ships. In the summer, we would take and fill up his little sisters wading pool. Float the ships, and "bomb" them with fire crackers. And the model air planes would get coated with air plane glue, and set on fire, and tossed into the pool with the ships. We also use to shoot our little green Army men with BB guns. It was lots of fun, until his Mom caught us one day. We were grounded from playing with each other for like a week.
    Stephen, While I had my peddle car, the kid down the street, whose Dad was in the Army, instead of a peddle car, he had a peddle air plane. It had a machine gun mounted on the front. And when you peddled this thing, the prop went around. It was painted up, I think to look like some British bi-plane. We had loads of fun together. Except, he couldn't take corners very well. It always seemed to want to tip over.
    SciFiChick, speaking of VROOOMMMMMM. You made me think of another child hood toy. It was a battery powered "motor" that you mounted on your bike. And you had a button up by your hand grip. that when pushed, the motor made VROOOMMMM, VROOOOMMMMM noise just like a motor cycle. Was lots of fun, until you left your bike out side in the rain. Then it didn't work all that great.
    Kymber, I would have night mares, if my sister still had that doll. My sister use to beat on me all the time. With her hands, or what ever was handy. She also had the sharpest toe nails in the world. I always got her back, so it was always a on going thing with us. Until I hit the age of 16. We got to picking on one another, and she decided to "show off" for our Dad. Well, long story short. I wupped her butt.
    We have had a kind of "truce" since then.
    Go and check some of my older posts, I got revenge once on her. I shot her in the butt, with my Dads B-B gun.(some times I wonder how we EVER made it through child hood."


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