Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Yesterday, we had a Blue Grass music gathering at our church. It was set up for the seniors. I was invited. I didn't even know that I had reached senior status. The music was really good, and the food was even better. Soooooooooo many things like gran-ma used to make: cakes, cookies, brownies, jello salad, sandwiches, sugar cookies all decked out with Christmas frosting. OH, YEAH! And homemade rum cake. I had fourths on that. (oink, oink!) I ate way too much.

On the way home, I was trying to think of something to blog for Wednesday. Let's see. . . I could do a blog about dutch oven beans, surprise cupcakes, blueberry pancakes, or maybe tell another story. But what kind of story? Or, I could fill everyone in on my 23-year old son, who is a special needs kid, and the new treatment he is having to, as he says, "fix my brain." Or, about my son getting the chance to lay a Christmas wreath at my nephew's grave site with the military. Maybe a Christmas story. Or maybe just a bunch of FEED YOUR FACE posts.

Maybe, I could just set on my duff and surf all of the blogs I follow. That would take up just about the whole day. And I wouldn't even have to get dressed! 'Course, then Kathi would come home and find me like she left me last night -- at the computer. Maybe I should put up more pictures. Or do some Granddad's Corner videos. That would be a hoot.

But, I guess, first I should put up our Christmas tree. It is getting pretty close to that time. Shhhh. . . it's a surprise!


  1. I have been senior status according to the AARP Since I was 15 years old. 15 years later I am starting to feel it ;)

    Blue grass fest sounds great though. We go to the Walnut river fest here. I don't think any of our churches have them.

    Have fun putting up that tree!

  2. Flier - do the tree first and surprise your sweet lady (and she shore is sweet!). then a post each about each of your sons...i would love to hear more about them and whatnot. then a story.

    and that's all i want for christmas this year.

    hope everything is great with you all, buddy. say hi to Kathi for me.

    your friend,

  3. Food, pictures, and the Christmas tree...I vote.

  4. And when you string it all together like that, you realize what a trying road you've been on, but it leads to a rich life full of loving people. Choices, choices. Or to sit and watch True Grit again.

  5. I have a funny feeling that you better get that tree or you may find yourself in a bit a hot water with mama! ;)

  6. OK, we will git it all done.
    And thank you one and all.


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