Thursday, March 22, 2012


It's Thursday afternoon, I still haven't had my Maypo for breakfast. But I have had, I think, just a bit too much coffee. And there is still sooo much stuff to get done. And not enough hours in the day to finish things up.

Plus, Kathi and I have bowling tonight. And then, up before the birds, and get to Mom's to set up for the yard sale. We are really hoping that we can sell the big ticket stuff. Like the gun safe, rototiller, snow blower, a 5000 watt generator. And all them tools.

We even put together for the person who is always looking for a bolt, washer, screw, nail, or whatever, by having all of that in a five gallon bucket. The whole bucket..... 3 bucks. Come on, you know you need it. How about some nuts? The kind you eat. Five bucks for a quart jar of pecans. They are something like 11 bucks a pound at the stores here.

Then on Saturday, the sale continues. At the end of the month, we move Mom. What's a fella to do!

After that, I need to tackle my garage. It's time to get the PortaBoat out and get ready to go fishing. (I'm wanting some smoked fish, real bad.) Plus, I have a few places that I want to check out for some metal detecting. Then I need to get the mower ready, and put away my snow blower. And check the ATV. . .

Time for another cup of coffee. We also need to do something with our garden. And and and. Deep breath. All the fun stuff, like firearms and such have been sold. Mom was surprised at the money received. That helped with her new condo. I'm also playing catch up with my blogging buddies. Lots of things to read. And I'm behind.

I will catch things up. I promise. And after we get all of this "stuff" done, I can take a breath or two.

Also, I'm going to go and do a demo ride on one of them three wheeled things they call a Spyder. That's how they spell it. That will give me something to blog about later on .

OK, I feel better. I'm done ranting. . .for now.


  1. You are a busy person! I can help. Well, kinda.

  2. Kathi N., You have helped more than you know. Besides, your stuck with me.

  3. Yes - it sure has been busy for you guys lately - i wish you all the best at the garage sale! and i hope you get a break soon!

    your friend,

  4. Wow, that's a lot. Good luck with the garage sale!!!

    1. agirlandhergun, Thanks. Things sold like crazy. If you ever do a yard sale, or garage sale. Do a ad on Craig's list.
      We never got a chance to put up a sign. It was bonkers all day Friday. We made Mom lots of $$,$$$.


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