Wednesday, June 6, 2012

And your little dog, too

Jim has been really busy volunteering with the Colorado Patriot Guard Riders. Last night, they played ping pong with some of the PTSD guys at the VA hospital. He asked if I could take a moment to write a post so you would all have something to look at. I said yes, but I had no idea what to write.

There is one topic that is always on my mind: dogs. I love dogs. They are simply the best. 

When some cruel person mistreats one, it just breaks my heart. Jim is quick with the remote to change the channel when one of the dog welfare commercials comes on the TV. I know why they show images of abused animals, but I can NOT stand to watch. In addition, I do not want to give them money. It's not because I don't feel for those dogs, but because the agencies are manipulating my emotions in order to get that money.

My feeling is that the best thing any of us can do for doggies is to be the best to and do the best for any of the dogs we have in our lives.

Take time to watch out for their welfare AND treat them with the most love, attention, and care possible. Play with them in the ways they like best. Hug their furry little necks. Give them treats that are good for them. Feed them high quality food. Get them regular vaccinations and veterinary care. Keep clean, fresh water for them all the time.

Mostly, love them with all your heart. That's how they love you, right?

Jim, I love you and your little dog, too. 


  1. Great post. I don't understand abuse of any kind, but on a helpless creature it seems even more cruel.

  2. Jim and Kathi,

    First, thank you Jim for being there for supporting our injured troops at the hospital.

    I love this post about the welfare of dogs/animals. I totally agree about the commercials playing off of our emotions. If you want to help, there are local shelters that are more than willing to take your donations and are extremely thankful that your willing to volunteer to work with the animals/shelter.
    Dogs are mans best friend, I could never hurt these special creatures. They hold a special place in my heart.

    Thank you for sharing this post Kathi :-)

  3. Sweetheart, thanks for posting. ALL animals, deserve to be treated right. If you have opened your home, for a dog, cat, horse, fish, or what ever. They deserve to be treated right. They become, one of the family. They give unconditional love back. Not to mention those that are service animals. We had a service dog to day, at the funeral of his master. A Vietnam Veteran. A big black lab, by the name of Buddy. He laid at the head of his masters coffin, for the entire service.

    Needless to say. There was not a dry eye anywhere to be found. Buddy went home, with the wife of the veteran. Buddy's service is now complete.

  4. Kathi - what a lovely post! i think much can be said about a person's character by the way that they treat animals...and as Jim said - ALL animals. i have had many pets in my life and have loved every one with all my heart.

    Jim - thanks so much for your service to these vets. i don't think i need to tell you how much they appreciate it.

    your friend,

  5. Thank you all for the nice comments. You are awesome. . .


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