Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Well, as you know, I had some time to myself. Kathi was out of town for work for a couple of days. You all will be glad to know the house is still standing. I might need to re-paint a room or two. The paint seems to have started to peel. (Maybe from my eating Dinty Moore Stew with chil, and the ranch style beans.) Plus, some of the curtains, seemed to have started to curl a little also.

I had a good time. I ate when I wanted and ate what I wanted. I drank straight from the milk jug, the juice bottle, the ice tea jug, and straight from the chocolate syrup bottle. Nugget, our dog, seemed to be a little standoffish after I ate the stew and beans, but bounced right back after getting to lick the cheese from the floor after I dropped a slice of pizza. I had only one can of beer explode when I opened it. Nugget licked that up also.

The next morning we had cold pizza and some Girl Scout cookies for breakfast, with a big glass of cold milk. Lunch was the rest of the stew. I also opened up some windows, as it seemed kind of stuffy in the house. I lounged, I ate, I slept, I even did some reading. I caught up on Gold Prospector magazine. I was behind by two issues. I watched the Superman series of CD's that Kathi got me.

I had only two things that didn't really work out: the washing machine and the vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner problem I solved by using my shop vac. It sucked up everything. The washing machine problem was a little harder. Did you know that when you do your washing, that you are not supposed to do everything in one load? And if you put too much in you don't get enough water to wash your clothes right? I had to call my sister and have her walk me through the process. I also used the shop vac to suck up the excess water from the floor.

And when doing the dishes, Nugget got to lick ALL the plates, pots, and pans before I put them in the dishwasher. They came out really clean. Nugget seemed really happy with the way our time went. Except, there was a day there that I had to keep letting him out about every 20 minutes or so. And man, it's good I did. Maybe I shouldn't have let him lick the stew pan. He let off some, that I thought for sure was going to blow up his bed.

Kathi called one night and we talked for awhile. I told her all was well and that Nugget and I were doing fine. She said that she would be home on Friday, sometime in the afternoon. I told her I missed her, and would see her soon. A friend called and we went to Hooter's for wings, oysters, and a few beers. The beer was cold, the wings and oysters were good. My friend let me take home the leftovers.

Have you ever had oysters with your eggs for breakfast? They were quite good. I also found out that Nugget likes oysters. I dropped one on the floor while getting breakfast ready. If he is around, you can forget the five second rule.

All in all it was a nice change for a day or two. Nugget is back to his old self. And I'm doing better. I had the worse case of heartburn there for a while. Kathi said that she was glad to be home. But she kept looking around and sniffing. she was so excited to be home, that she had tears in her eyes for the first ten minutes.

Today, our house smells like vanilla. It's kinda nice.


  1. Sounds like you totally enjoyed yourself there Flier. The heartburn was a little pay back from the combination of foods you ate. I'm glad to hear Nugget's belly settle down after cleaning those dishes for you, lol....
    Sometimes a little innocent fun can be good for the soul :-)

  2. Now we're talking, I like the idea of the dog doing the pre-wash for the dish washer.

  3. So, NOW I know why the windows were all open and Nugget couldn't look me in the eye!


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