Wednesday, June 13, 2012

SSSSHH! Don't tell. . .

The wife is leaving town for a few days, so I get to be on my own until Friday afternoon. But don't tell on me. I've got things figured out with lots to do in the next couple days. Like, I can use the bathroom and not have to put the seat down. I can eat ice cream while just wearing my underwear. I can have that extra piece of pie after dinner. I can fix some Hamburger Helper, and eat it all.

I can also stay up all night if I want. I can watch all of the Three Stooges that I want. I can eat a can of chocolate icing that is hidden up where Kathi can't see it. In fact, I can mix up some Dinty Moore Stew with chili and ranch style beans. I will just have to make sure I air out the house before she gets home. I'm getting giddy just thinking about it.

I'm sure that I can come up with some other things. I'm just too excited. 'Course, I will miss her while she is gone. And I'll talk to her every night on the phone. (I'm whooped. . . so what!) Wow! I can even wear my favorite pair of cutoff's.

So, if you don't hear from me for the next couple of days, I'm probably in a Dinty Moore Stew and chocolate chip cookie coma. Or, I'm at some bar-b-q joint, pigging out on ribs and beer.

SSSHH! Don't tell.


  1. Oh, boy! Sounds like my kinds of fun! You can also drink straight out of the milk bottle and run with scissors. Hope you survive "your vacation"! Let us know how it goes

  2. oh no - NOT the dinty moore stew and beans combo!!! oh Flier, i am afraid that you are gonna hurt yourself - bahahahahah!

    enjoy your vacation, buddy! your friend,

  3. Flier 389,
    Have a little innocent fun while the misses is away. Then make sure to air out the house, get rid of all the empty containers and hide your cutoff's so the wife doesn't find them when she comes home. I found that 1 shirt my husband loved to wear when I'm not home (of course it's worn out) and well it conveniently disappeared :-) (evil grin).

  4. Minus the beer you sound like my teenager when I leave...of course she is home with her dad and he might be having a beer. When I work on the weekends they have pizza for breakfast and ice cream for lunch:)


  5. Just have the kitchen cleaned up before she gets home and she will be so happy she will not question anything else.



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