Friday, June 22, 2012


I'm on my box, and I'm going to rant some here. When I was a kid, if you did something wrong, you were sent to your room and told, "Wait 'til your father gets home!" You knew that you were in for it big time. Sometimes, you got a spanking. Other times maybe a whipping. No TV, no games, no playing with friends. You were grounded. Period. And, if you got a spanking, nine times out of ten, you didn't do again whatever it was that got you in trouble in the first place.

Parents use to be more authoritative with their kids. Now, parents are more like a child's "friend." They all are, for the most part, not doing the kid any good. I never had a parent buy me a car, new or otherwise. If I wanted to go to college, they would help me get started, but I was expected to get a job and pay my own way after that.

I know a lot of adults from my generation who were spanked, grounded (some more than others), had privileges taken from them now and then to get them back after they had finished up their punishment of being grounded. We turned out okay.

Now, we see little kids who whine and cry in stores and restaurants and nothing is done. Back in the day, we got a swat on the butt, and a stern reprimand. If you didn't settle down from that, you were taken out to the car.

Now if people see you discipline your child and they call the cops and the county on you, and you are made out to be a bad parent. And NO ONE wants to be a bad parent. So, parents are afraid to parent. Now we have whole generations who think and do things because they think it is right and they are entitled. The government passes more laws, adding things to these laws to protect us from us.

Just because you don't spank your kids does not mean that you can tell me I can't spank mine. Just because you give your kids whatever they want does not mean I have to do the same. Discipline is lacking in this country. We don't need government to tell us how to live or how to make our money. If you have a business that fails, you fail. End of story. You move on or have a way to make a come back. You don't "outsource," you make it work here. Not some other damn country. My great great grandparents didn't get a bailout from the government, and neither did my great grandparents, or my grandparents. They never collected welfare or government hand outs and they survived.

It used to be that if you served in office, it was a privilege to do so. Then once your term was over you went back to what you were doing before. You didn't get to keep on getting paid. Can you phantom this thought: what if YOU could be paid, still, for YOUR last job? What if you are one of those who have had several jobs in your lifetime, and they all still have to pay you? And if you had medical at those jobs, they still have to pay that also?

Wouldn't that be great? And when the business closes it's doors, THEN the government still has to pay you your social security? Plus all of those other places you worked, have to keep paying you also. Our congresspersons get paid like that when they are no longer in office. Meanwhile, our kids have their hands out and their kids will probably do the same.

I've gotten off track. It just makes me so mad. Bring back some of our morals from the past. Let's get our country back from big government. It does us no good if we prep until the cows come home. We need to start in our own homes, towns, cities, and counties. It is time for us, as a nation of free people, to take back our country. Our forefathers started this nation. It would be nice if we could keep it. No more being quiet. It's time. I'm going to do what I can, to change our country, for the better.

I'm not against Obama as a man. But his politics just are not what this country needs, in my opinion. He pushes his own agenda, and pushes too hard. Let's hope the people will push back.

So, I'm done. My fingers are getting sore. It's late and I'm tired. Time for a little shot of Jack, and then to bed. Yeah, I wrote this last night. And yeah, I rambled all over in this blog. It's mine, I can do that.  


  1. Very good points.

    I am against Obama, the man, as well as his policies. I just do not think his policies are philosophical differences from mine on how to do this or that. I think he wants power and control and I think he is making policies to that end.

    1. agirlandhergun, I agree with you. And his wife isn't much better.

  2. i. could. not. agree. with. you. MORE!!!!!

    i think that you have said it all and there is nothing that i can add. good job, buddy!

    your friend,

  3. I used to get both, a switchin' from Mom and spankin' from Dad when he got home.Cal it the douuble whammy. Now whem I was algrown up ,married and had a kid, the times had changed. I spamked my boy and was told by wife, my and her moms that I was too hard on the little guy. But ya know he didn't repeat the problems and is now a fine young man that everyone admires. For both his honesty and trust.

    1. Dean Carder, and I bet he has pretty good manner's also. Thanks for stopping by.


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