Wednesday, August 29, 2012

THE HAIR LOSS (aka the Fall shearing) and Bob Update

This is great! Thank you!

Now, I need to shear the locks of hair from my bumpy, pointed, dented noggin. I will be doing it just as soon as Bob heads back home from here after his son's wedding.

SSSSSHHHH! He still doesn't know 'cause I want to be able to give the money to him in one lump sum, so don't spill the beans.

I hope that no one blows pop or coffee through their noses!

Now, for the update: We are at $800 in donations for Bob. YAY!!!!! Keep it comin'!


  1. this is awesome news, buddy! and we all promise not to tell Bob until you're ready to hit him with the moola! he will be so surprised...and grateful...and touched! glad to always sign off as:

    your friend,
    (p.s - i put a thing in my sidebar so that people can still get to your original post!)

    1. kymber, sorry, I'm behind on things. Thank you ever so much with your help on this. It means a lot.
      You and Jam are more than good friends. We are humbled.

      Again, thank you.

  2. Wooo! Awesome!

    Oh, and no soda through the nose...that really hurts!

    1. 2A Mama, Sorry. I'm behind on keeping up. The soda through the nose, also cleans out your sinuses. Sorry to say. I have had soda through my nose more time, than I care to. I just need to not laugh, when I drink. (I've had beer through my nose also.)


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