Friday, September 14, 2012


I stopped by Sears today. They have Christmas stuff going up.

I was looking for a job, and thought that I had one at a Harley dealership. Well, that fell through. Their loss. 

Now, I'm working up to going out to mow the yard again. I'm ready to put the mower away, but I'm sure I will have to mow at least three more times. 

I need to get the snow blower ready for this winter. It's got a flat tire that needs to be fixed. I put a strap around the tire, tightened up the strap, and tried to get it to seat around the rim then I tried to put some air in it. No go.

That's why I went to Sears. To see if they could fix me up. What a bunch of  honyaks. So, I'll try something and somewhere else.

It is also time to take a trip up into the hills. The aspens are turning and Kathi and I would like to see them and take a few pictures. Then I can post about them later on.

Nugget and I have been walking almost every day this week. We have logged 4.8 miles, which is not bad for two old farts like Nugget and me.

My brother in-law is still up in the mountains playing at hunting. He is afraid of heights, yet he has his butt up in a tree stand. Go figure. He will mess in his mess kit if he ever drops an elk. Plus, he will mess same kit if the wind blows while he is in his tree stand.

My friend Bob and his wife had a great time at their son's wedding. We had a nice visit and dinner with them last Thursday. He seems tired and quieter than we are used to him being.

We got a picture or two of Bob and I. (I'm the one with my hair, for right now.)

I talked to Bob this morning. He was waiting to get his meds and complaining a bit about how they were to be ready for him to pick up but they had not gotten around to finishing that up for him. They waited around for 45 minutes for them to finish filling them. Bob said he at least got to look at a few magazines while waiting.

He sounded tired, but seemed to be in good spirits. We talked about Fall and the fall colors. Bob said they don't get fall colors where they live like we do in Colorado. He and his wife were able to take a drive up in the mountains here and got to see some of the colors here in the Rockies. I think that he might be a bit homesick for Colorado. He is also still waiting, as we all are too, for the results of his latest MRI. We are praying that it comes back clean.

Donations are still coming in. A bit slow, but still coming in! The place I was going to go to for the waxing fell through, do I'm checking on a new one.

I'm still on the hunt for the thong. Someone suggested that I go to Victoria's Secret. I can just see myself walking in and asking for a extra large purple thong. What a hoot! Good thing my Mom doesn't know what I'm getting ready to do. Plus, I'm hoping that we don't have any more bike nights at the Harley place. It would be unusual showing up with no hair.

To see my progress at its most accurate, please visit I am getting closer to the original goal, but I hope we can surpass it. I was shocked at the amount he owes already right now. Geez!

Thanks, all, for your support and your help. 


  1. How awesome! That number is almost twice the total showing on my ChipIn widget on my sidebar.

    1. Auntie J, I'm not sure what the deal is. We are working on it, and hope to get it fixed soon. Thanks for stopping by.

    2. I don't mind a few extra clicks to check on progress. I see that you're all the way up to getting your legs waxed.

      You have my utmost sympathy, and you are braver than I am. I won't even do that.

      You're a good friend!

    3. Auntie J, I'm just wondering how cold I'll be this winter, before it all grows back. LOL!

    4. Auntie J, I'm just wondering how cold I'll be this winter, before it all grows back. LOL!

  2. oh Jim - i love that pic of you and Bob!!! and i am so glad to see that you are over halfway to your goal! i am glad that you got to visit with Bob - you are a really good friend! say hi to Kathi for me!

    lots of love to you both always! your friend,

    1. kymber, yep, it's about time to do the deed. Still looking for a place to do the waxing. And am still on the hunt for the thong. I wonder if they will let me try them on before buying. LOL! Kathi say's HI! I was thinking about Bob and I. It's hard to believe, that we have know each other for over Fifty some years. It doesn't seem that long ago, that he and I were out drinking and chasing the girls. And dancing the night away.

      God, I'm stuck in a fifty something body, with the mind of a seventeen year old. Now if we could just reverse that. I'd have it made. HA!


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