Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Thrive/Shelf Reliance: A Starter Idea (A Kathi Post)

Some of you read my post of a couple weeks ago on the benefits of Thrive/Shelf Reliance and starting up your own "Q" to begin building your own home store.

I was thinking about how I cannot seem to shop at a certain bookstore here in town. They simply have way too many things and I can't focus down to purchasing a book or two. I go in, see a bunch of books I like, get overwhelmed, and can't buy just a thing or two, so I walk out with nothing.

The Thrive/Shelf Reliance "Q" can be overwhelming. There are a lot of foods to choose from and a lot of sizes to choose from, too!

For those who did not see my other post, the "Q" is like Netflix for food. You will receive a shipment of foods each month that you have selected, based on your budget. It's a way to build your home food storage, as well as food that everyday people use every day. 

There is now something called "Smart Start." It's a 3-month commitment at just $150 each month (current sale price, down from $179) that will provide you with a large variety of foods. You also get a recipe book in case you aren't  confident about how to use the food.

That is so cool because you are starting your home pantry, but you don't even have to think about it!

This is not something you need "extra" money for. Simply reallocate some of your grocery budget to get started. I think you will find that at the end of the three months you will have tried so many things and will see that this is versatile, high-quality, good-tasting food!

You gotta go see everything you get! It's a very good value.

Go to my Web site:

The click on the link that says "The Q" (at the top)
Then select "Main Website" from the drop down list
At the bottom of that page is a green button on the right that says, "I know what I want: Let's shop!"

Click on that button and it will take you to the place where you can build your "Q"

The first thing you should see is the "Q Starter Packs". Click on the link and you will see detail of everything you get for each month.

You will have SO much fun when your foods arrive.

I can't wait to hear what foods and recipes you like best!

Just let me know if you have questions. . .


  1. Hum,perhaps I should give the Q some thought. Thanks.

    1. It is awesome! I am liking it even more than I thought. Thanks, Stephen.

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    Thanks and have a great day!


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