Tuesday, November 6, 2012

How I Accidentally Got My Husband to Eat Chicken and Like It! (A Kathi Post)

I follow a lot of blogs. I don't get to read all of them every day, but I eventually catch up with everyone.

On one of the blogs that I follow, the author was still waiting to have power restored after Super Storm Sandy, but she was able to post from a nearby free wi-fi spot with her mobile device. She was able to buy food to eat at take-out restaurants in her area, so she was happy about that, but sad about the prices she was having to pay and the choices that left her with.

She was craving a chicken salad sandwich.

Now that's something I could help her with!

Thrive/Shelf Reliance has very good white-meat chicken. I received a pantry-can of the chicken with my consultant kit. Neither Jim nor I are crazy about chicken, so I figured this would take awhile to use.

Um, no.

I made the chicken salad recipe pictured on the can, just 'cause it looked good. The recipe also uses Thrive celery and onions (which also came with my kit), along with salt, pepper, and mayo. We used Miracle Whip 'cause Jim is also not a mayo fan.

It was very good! The chicken is high-quality, white-meat chicken, and the chicken salad tasted great by the spoon and on bread for a sandwich. The celery and onion enhanced the flavor, and it was at least as good -- if not better -- than any chicken salad I have ever had. Truly! And I'm chicken-picky!

The true test of its taste and quality? Last Sunday, I asked Jim what he wanted to dinner, and he said, "You know, that chicken salad we had was good. Can you make more?"

Can I? Of course!

Well, we've also used the chicken in chicken-corn chowder, chicken and dumplings, and chicken & rice, and now we're out. Totally out. 

The good news is that I have chicken ordered (the #10 can this time) on my next Thrive Q shipment. (If you've been here before, you may remember that the Thrive Q is like Netflix for food.)

If you build your home pantry with Thrive foods, there is no reason you should have to eat much differently when disaster disrupts your routine than you would normally eat every day. In fact, Jim and I USE Thrive foods just about every day. It's good, wholesome food, without preservatives and other yucky things.

Here's a tiny sample of what we used in the past few days under normal (not disaster) conditions.
  • Thrive blueberries in our waffles
  • Thrive chicken, Thrive celery, and Thrive onion in chicken salad
  • Thrive bananas, Thrive strawberries, and Thrive instant milk for fruit smoothies
  • Thrive brown sugar, Thrive oats, Thrive flour, and Thrive apples for an apple crisp

Because we are building our home pantry by reallocating a portion of our grocery budget each month, we are soon going to have a nice pantry for current AND future use. Q customers always get the very lowest price on every purchase.

The money we spend on our Q is not "extra" money, folks -- we are just spending part of our grocery money with our Thrive Q instead of at the store.

Want to have some fun thinking about your family's future pantry? I urge you to visit my Web site  and build your own Q. It's amazing what a great feeling it is to plan ahead. And there is no obligation. When you build your Q, it holds until you activate it. 

If you are overwhelmed by all the choices (and there are a lot of choices!), you can always start building your home pantry with a Q Starter Pack. It allows you to build a huge variety of items for your pantry in just three months, for just $150 a month (for three months).

Give it a look:
Go to http://yourhomepantry.shelfreliance.com
Click on the link that says "The Q" (at the top)
Then select "Main Website" from the drop down list
At the bottom of that page is a green button on the right that says, "I know what I want: Let's shop!"
Click there and it will take you to the place where you can build your "Q"

The first thing you should see is the "Q Starter Packs". Click on the link and you will see detail of everything you get for each month.

It's a great feeling to know that you are prepared for every-day cooking AND ready for an emergency.

Go ahead -- build a Q for your family. Then just activate it whenever you are ready to start shipment. It's fun!

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