Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thrive/Shelf Reliance on Sale this Weekend

Friday, Nov. 23rd at Midnight - Monday, Nov.26th

Everything on sale up to 50% off during the Shelf Reliance Black Friday Sale! 
Get the lowest prices of the year on freeze dried food and emergency supplies!

Hello friends! The moment you've been waiting for is here!  GO HERE to view some of our featured specials or download a flyer here!  You must have a link to get these fantastic prices so CLICK HERE TO SHOP during the sale.  


Get your friends and family in on these deals! Forward this email to them.
If two or more of your friends shop through my link, I will give you 10% in free product on the total of your order and their order combined.


Don't forget your Christmas shopping. Look at the bottom of this newsletter for some great gift ideas. All of our products are on sale. To view the complete Black Friday Pricelist  go here.

Top 10 Gift Ideas! All On Sale!

  1. 2 Person Survival Pack
  2. Road Warrior Travel Kit
  3. Red Cross Solar Link Radio
  4. Emergency Communication Center
  5. SteriPEN Journey
  6. Emergency Light Center
  7. Power Dome Portable Generator
  8. Katadyn Hiker Pro Microfilter
  9. Sun Oven
  10. Harvest Rotation Shelf

Gift Ideas for Friends and Neighbors!

  1. Pantry can of Thrive Fudge Brownies
  2. Pantry can of Thrive Macaroons
  3. Pantry can of Thrive 10 Grain Pancake Mix- Give Brownies, Macaroons, or Pancakes with a whisk and I note that says “We Whisk you a Merry Christmas.”  You can get cheap whisks at a dollar store.
  4. Pantry can of Thrive Green Chili Peppers- “Being “Chili” isn’t so bad some times! Happy Holidays!”
  5. Pantry can of Thrive Chocolate Drink Mix- Give Chocolate drink mix with some candy canes for peppermint hot chocolate treat! 
  6. 100 hour candle “May Your Days Be Merry and BRIGHT”

Top 10 Stocking Stuffers on Sale Now!

  1. Sparkie Fire Starter
  2. 5-in-1 Survival Whistle
  3. Esbit Pocket Stove
  4. Solar Crank Flashlight
  5. Emergency Thermal Sleeping Bag
  6. Water Filtration Straw
  7. 12-in-1 Scissors 
  8. Survival Kit in a Can
  9. 100 Hour Candle
  10. 14-in-1 Multi Tool

Consultant Contact Info
Kathi Noland, 303-233-1033,

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