Tuesday, December 18, 2012


I've been sick. And I've run here, and I've run there. I've tried to help family members from the other side of my family. It's been a time.

We have had car trouble. How hard can it be to fix a latch on the trunk of your car? We went to the store, bought groceries, popped the trunk open, placed the groceries in the trunk. We closed the trunk. . . WRONG! The trunk wouldn't latch. It was windy and cold out. I tried for 10 minutes to get the stupid thing to work. Even some choice words didn't help.

So, off to ACE Hardware across the parking lot to buy a bungie cord to hold the trunk lid down 'til we got home. Shouldn't be hard to attach the cord. WRONG! It took about 15 minutes for me to get the damn thing hooked. Then it still let the trunk lid open up just about all the way. I doubled it up. Tied knots in it. Tried to hook it to the bumper. Tried to hook it anywhere just to hold the trunk lid down.

I bought the shortest cord they had. I finally got it hooked and the lid stayed down. Only problem? My hand was stuck. So, I yanked my hand out and I think I left my glove and about half a pound of the skin from my hand with it.

Got home, unloaded the groceries. Put a BIG brick on the trunk to keep it closed over night. The next morning, we took it in to be fixed. Now, don't get me wrong. It was fixed. And he didn't charge us for it. But shouldn't it have taken him more than five minutes to fix it when I spent more than 45 minutes myself trying to fix it after we got home?

Smart alec kid.


Got Christmas lights up on the house. Got the Christmas tree up. But, all of the boxes and such are still lying around. (Queue up the Christmas music.)


It's still on. My friend Bob, is doing well. And I will still be finishing up what I set out to do. Things have been pretty much CRAZY here. I'm trying to get things done. But, never fear -- or, maybe you should! Get your eyewash ready. 'Cause, it's going to happen right after Christmas. IN ALL IT'S GLORY! (Or gory detail.) Purple thong and all. What a great way for all of you to be able to start your new year!


On a more somber note.

Our prayers go out to all of those who lost loved ones from the school shooting. We hope and pray that we will find our way. More gun control is not the answer. There are enough gun laws. Enforce the ones we now have.

And we need to take a really hard look at our mental health laws. And ways to help those with mental health issues.


And to all of my friends out there... Christmas is coming. It is time for good friends and good family to get together and share some Christmas cheer.  I'll be posting on some good eats over the next couple of days.


  1. Sorry about your trunk lid (and the resultant loss of glove/skin/pride). I've got a driver's door that sometimes does the same thing.

    And you're right about the gun control vs. mental health issue. Thank you for that.

    1. Rev. Paul, thanks for stopping by. I need to get some new gloves now. I'm thinking, something along the lines of chain mail. That should cut down on the scrapes and sliced up skin. And maybe have them with rabbit fur, on the inside.

      I had a 1960 Chevy Biscayne, that had a door that wouldn't latch. The passenger side, rear door. I had a buddy weld the thing shut. I tried to find parts, and tried to get it fixed for like a whole year. No parts to be found then. Made it interesting when we would load up a bunch of my friends, and go to the drive in. It always seemed that the person that ended up setting by that door, always was the one who always had to use the bathroom first. LOL!

  2. I should not laugh but I am glad I'm not the only one who has days like that.

    1. Duke, it's nice to know I'm not the only one. It just seems to be happening more often, then not.
      I wonder if this happens in cycles? I'm do for a change. Thanks for stopping by.


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