Tuesday, February 12, 2013


How many cameras does a person need? I've lost count of how many cameras I have. Not had, but have. I seem to keep loosing them. Can't find them. Or, the camera troll has taken them. He's a sneaky booger. I loose cameras like most people lose socks in the dryer.

They just seem to go "POOF!" and it's gone. It does not matter if it is a cheap camera or an expensive one. And, it is almost always one that has pictures on it. He never takes one that has no pictures. I can't count how many times I've had pictures of camping, fishing, or hunting trips and family get togethers that never get to be seen by the family and friends who were there.

When they came out with those disposable cameras -- you know. . . take the pictures and turn in the whole camera? Well, I bought a three pack of them suckers. I used one and sent it in. A week later, I went to pick up my pictures and they said they did not have ANY pictures for me, even when I showed them the receipt from when I dropped the camera off. The camera troll had struck.

When I got home, I went to get one of the other disposable cameras to take some pictures of a friends party. All that was there was the empty package that had held the three cameras. I looked all over. I even looked in the fridge. Nothing, nada, zip. Not even a ransom note for them. 

I still, to this day, do not know what or where those cameras are. I took some really neat pictures over the years. If I ever find them all I figure I should have enough cameras to open up a camera store. And enough pictures that I should be able to fill at least 20 or 30 photo albums. 

I'm NOT the only one that this has happened to. My dad had the same problem. That sneaky troll took I don't know how many cameras from my dad. 'Course, we did find one of his camera from a hunting trip from about 20 years ago. 

Somehow his camera was found in a drawer in his camper under the stove. How it ended up with all the pots and pans we never figured out. Plus, he had bought a new camera to replace the one he lost. He "lost" the new camera not to long after finding the old one. That damn camera troll sure is sneaky.

The pictures from that old camera? They all came out pretty good. But, one or two seem to be a real close up of something with a BIG grin. We thought for sure we had evidence of the camera troll. Turned out to be just a close up of my brother in-law!


  1. That's some funny stuff, right there, although I realize you probably don't find it as funny as it may sound to others.

    No camera troll at my house. I have a cell phone troll.

    1. Rev. Paul, the camera troll, and cell phone troll, could be related to one another. LOL!

      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Oh, yes, I understand, and believe in your camera troll. I have an imp!.. an impish spirit who hides things. Your post reminded me of one I wrote years ago, before I knew not to write such long posts. I may be breaking a code of ethics for bloggers in posting the link here. Some day when you have "nothing to do", you might be curious enough to read it. CLICK HERE Enjoyed a chuckle reading yours!

    1. Barbee', thanks for stopping by. I will check out your story real soon. I just need to catch up on a few more things, and hope to have some free time. I some times think that a lot of people have these little trolls, and impish spirit's.

      My Great Grand Mother use to tell me and my sister, stories about such things. She very much believed in such.


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