Wednesday, March 27, 2013

An Update on Jim, a Review of Dial Coconut Water Body Wash AND a Giveaway (A Kathi Post)

Update, 4/1: Congratulations to the three winners of the Dial Coconut Water Body Wash: Kelly R., Alyssa M., and Carole A. Your coupon for a free bottle will go out in the mail on April 3.

Hi, Jim's readers! I just wanted to let you know that Jim has hurt his knee and is, basically, couch-bound.

He was outside in our backyard last weekend when we had a bunch, bunch, bunch of wet snow. He zigged when he should have zagged. The top of his leg went one way, his knee went the other. Nugget thought that was a fun game, until Jim had to drag himself into the house (I wasn't home), then Nugget got concerned and knew the game was over.

The urgent care place imaged his knee, but there was too much fluid surrounding his knee to really know what is up, so he's on ice, pain meds, ibuprofen, and has his knee/leg propped up. He has to use crutches to get around, 'cause he still can't put weight on that leg.

He's one happy camper, I'll tell ya (NOT)!

He can't get to the computer or sit in a regular chair yet. Easter Services look like they aren't going to happen for him. I think I can get him in the car and into the recliner at my mom's house for Easter dinner. We'll see.

In the meantime, maybe I can get him to tell us a story that I can tape and post. Though, he is pretty grumpy, so maybe not. We'll see about that, too.

In the meantime, here is a review about Dial Coconut-Water Body Wash. I received a free bottle of it for review purposes. The review and opinion of it are my own.

Also, I have three coupons for a FREE bottle for you! To enter to win one, please email me directly at kathleennoland (at) yahoo (dot) com.
I'll have the random drawing on Monday, April 1.

I received the bottle of Dial Coconut Water Body Wash on a day that I had grown tired of my shower soap, so I was glad to have something new to try. 

I am one of those people (sorry) who have to smell things when I'm at the store so that I am not disappointed in a new product when I get home. So, first thing I did was to flip the top and take a whiff.

The scent is light and clean, and does not smell as coconut-y as coconut/tropical scented tanning lotions, but that smell (while pleasant) is kinda fake. This scent was more like a real coconut, which is much lighter. It is nice.

When I used it in the shower the next morning, I loved that just a small amount really foamed up on my bath poof. It rinsed clean, leaving just the slightest scent on my skin -- not coconut-y, but fresh and clean scent. When it was wet, the scent was reminiscent of the Sail(r) pipe tobacco my Dad used when I was little. I don't think it was coconut-scented (maybe cherry), but that's what it smells like to me. It is very nice. Another reviewer wrote that it smells like Smarties candy to her. 

Don't forget to email me for a chance to win a bottle so you can try it for yourself!

WIN $1,000 by entering the Dial Coconut Water sweepstakes! They are also selecting 250 winners of the Coconut Water body wash there. 


  1. Poor Jim! Tell him we are thinking of him and that it's okay to be grumpy as long as he doesn't grump at you!

    1. He'll appreciate that you are thinking of him. Yes -- he does not grump at me, so all is well. Thanks, Melissa!

  2. I hope Jim feels better soon. Having blown my knee out last year I can understand the whole "gumpy" part. Here's hoping nothing is torn and it will heal on its own.

  3. Thanks, Brigid. I'll pass that on to Jim. He will appreciate it. Thank you for the comment!


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