Tuesday, March 12, 2013


A question for all of you hunters out there. A friend asked me about binoculars, and what would be a good investment. He asked that they not cost a arm and leg ($100 or less). And, he asked that they not be so huge that they are a pain to wear around his neck. (He has some neck problems.)

I have had a few pairs over the years and they have all gone to the great spy glass heaven or have walked away with relatives who do not return things as they should, or at least not in working order. So, if you all could give me a hand and help me figure out some decent binoculars for him? It would be of great help.

I use whatever kind I can find. 'Course, you get what you pay for. And I don't know all that much about binoculars. So, any help would be good.  Thanks.


  1. To get smaller & lighter, he should look for brands like Bushnell, which makes several models between $35 and $100. There's also an Olympus Tracker model which Amazon sells for $60; it's a 10x50 compact set.

    Local stores in his area should have those & other similar models. Obviously you get what you pay for, but it shouldn't have to cost a fortune.

    1. Rev. Paul, Thanks for the info, and for stopping by. I'll pass it along to him.


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