Thursday, March 7, 2013

USED OIL: 3/7/13

Anybody got use for used oil?

Here is one way to reclaim old motor oil for other uses. It comes out clear and free of carbon or other foreign particles.

First, place the used oil in a clean container with an open top. Next place the container on a table, rack, or shelf. Then take a length of rope and place it in your container of oil. Let the rope hang off the side of your container and place the other end in another clean empty container, underneath your oil container.

Use a little bit of wire to make a hook, or coil around the upper part of the rope that comes in contact with the edge of the upper container to hold the rope in place.

"Capillary attraction" causex the oil to rise in the rope and run into the container.

I'm sure that you can come up with all kinds of uses for this oil around your home or on the homestead.

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