Thursday, May 2, 2013

A knee update and some unbelievable stuff (not in a good way)

A friend shared this with me. I thought it could not be real or more ridiculous, but it appears that it probably is.
Go take a look:

That is very upsetting. And unreasonable. And makes no sense. What do you think about it?

On personal news: I went to the doctor Monday. He could see some improvement, so I got a different knee brace instead of the immobilizer. He told me I could walk, do some knee exercises, and drive as long as it doesn't hurt.

I go back in a month and if I have improved some more, I'll be good to go -- just time for healing. If it looks as if I have not improved or have backslid, I'll have to have an MRI and maybe even surgery. So, I'll be good and do my best.

Thanks to those of you who sent comments and/or well wishes. You helped!

I have more for next week. I'm working on getting back to blogging now that I can sit at a computer a bit.

Take care. And thanks for stopping by.


  1. Next time come see me. I keep a bottle of whiskey and have pliers and a fine pocket knife. Best of all, my fees are very reasonable. Get well soon.

  2. Is the Christian faith the only one not to be shared? What about Jews, Muslims, etc? I can handle not being forced to listen to any religious views. But, it is absolutely wrong to only target Christians.


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