Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Ok, I made mention about my sister liking stained glass and such. And, well, I guess I can see where it could be kind of neat to be able to work with glass. They have a glass museum in Seattle. Really, they do all kinds of neat stuff. Blown glass of various shapes, colors, textures, and lots of other things to boot. Slivers of glass in different colors and squeezed together, then bonded, and you have a scene of the country side.

Blown, stretched, and shaped. You have flowers, or shapes of people, or of fish and critters under the sea. Stained glass visions of knights and dragons. I was truly amazed and in awe of some of the things that they did with glass.

It can be something as silly as a child's drawing being brought to life in glass. Or as detailed as a vase for flowers.

Or, a walk on a bridge and overhead it is like you are on the bottom of the sea looking up. 

Walking on the bridge also shows off various shapes and sizes of vases and sculptures of different styles.

I really did have a good time with my sister here. She was like a little kid in a candy store. She bought a hand blown star fish. She said that it called to her. Who am I to say otherwise!

This is the girl that almost beat me to death with the doll leg after I ran over and demolished her doll with my peddle car. I still have dreams of that one. I only mention this because, they had a doll that was blown from glass. Its head, arms, legs were separated from the torso. I would have taken a picture,  but my sister had this funny look in her eye, and I think she was reaching for one of the legs.

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