Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Just about all of us have had things handed down from family members at one time or another. Some had hand-me-down clothes from older brothers or sisters, aunts or uncles, or grandparents. Some of these things may have been handed down from several generations. Like a wedding dress that has been handed down from great grandma to grandma to your mom and then to you. Then maybe you hand it down to your daughter and she will hand it down to her daughter. And so it goes.

Guys are no different. They might hand down cuff links, a pocket watch, or maybe a pocket knife from your great great great grandfather. I have a old fishing pole that belonged to my great grandfather. It still works, and the reel has been well taken care of over all of these years. The pole is made from, I think, bamboo. It split part way down its length years ago. My grandfather did a repair on it, using thread and some of grandmother's nail polish. It is still holding together. That was done when I was about 9 or 10. The last time that my Dad and I got to take him fishing? I'll let you guess who caught the most fish!

I have a BIG butcher knife that belonged to my great grandmother. My sister has a tea set that was our great grandmother's, then it was my grandmother's. My sister and I played with it when we were 5 or 6. We would set in the shade out back of Mamma and Poppa's little house. Mamma would fill the little tea pot with water or sometimes with cold tea. We would set for hours and sip our tea. Sometimes Mamma would make us these little sandwiches that were served on the little plates. Sometimes Mamma even joined in and would set on the lower step. We would nibble on those little sandwiches and drink our tea.

My sister has the tea set. It is still in the original box that it came in. She drags it out now and then when we visit. She also has some Christmas decorations, as I do, from our childhood. Some of them are from when our great grandparents were first married. They handed them down to our grandmother, who handed them down to us.

Some may think that some of the things that have been handed down are junk, that they are too old-fashioned and should be gotten rid of. Some of us still see these things as part of our family history, treasures to be held on to then given to younger family members who will cherish them as much as we do. Besides. . . they may bring back some of this stuff! They say that what is old is new again. Like grandpa's leather suspenders.


  1. My greatest possession is dad's worn pipe and his cherry tobacco. I put it in a ziploc bag to save the smell. It's my shrine for him. He actually had very little else.

    1. lotta joy, thanks for stopping by. I also, have a old pipe that my Dad smoked years ago. It still smells of old tobacco. That's neat that you still have some of the cherry tobacco. My dad smoked the same, until he got tired of it. And then moved on to some other type of tobacco.

      It's interesting, that something like a pipe, or some after shave, can bring back memories of our loved one's. Hope you have a great day.


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