Wednesday, October 30, 2013


A friend of mine likes older pistols. He has several. The problem is, he can't find any "new style" holsters for a few of them. He thinks that he should be able to buy a Kydex holster for his Colt snubby. I've told him that I do not think that they make such a thing.

I told him he could make his own, but he would rather buy one instead. I have seen this little snub nose Colt. It has no bluing left on it, except maybe a little bit around the handle. He has had it since we were in high school. It belonged to his grandfather, who gave it to his dad, and his dad then gave it to him.

Even some of the checkering on the handle has been worn away. I shot it a few times years ago with he and his dad. I couldn't hit the broad side of the barn with the darned thing. He and his dad popped away and could get a soup can to dance with every hit. And almost every shot on a paper target was in the black.

He has had it in to a gunsmith only once. He dropped it and buggered up the front sight. (Don't worry -- it was unloaded at the time.)  The gunsmith fixed it up as good as new. As for a holster? Well, the one he had has gone to holster heaven, as he says.

I told him that he could make a pattern from the old holster. He said there was not enough of it left to even slide it on your belt. He has several other handguns and some are pretty new. But, he likes the feel and how it sets on his hip. He has his carry permit and goes to the range often. 

So, how do you get someone to try a newer style holster? Like a pocket holster. I don't know of anyone who makes holsters for older revolvers. Everyone wants the newest and best, as he says. He likes wheel guns. There is just something about them that feels right, looks right, and shoots like it did when first purchased all those years ago, right out of the box.

Maybe, some times, the old stuff is just as good as some of the new stuff. Or, is it just a few of us that think that way? Plus, he and I both like the smell of the leather, and the way it is tooled. I just might have to try some leather work my own self.

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