Wednesday, November 20, 2013

My Mother-in-Law's Cheesecake Recipe: I Think I'll Make It for Thanksgiving (A Kathi Post)

We're going to Thanksgiving at my Mom's house. We always do. I have 6 brothers and sisters, and all but one still live here. So, we take our families and some food and meet at my Mom's. My Mom asked us all to let her know what we are bringing when we know what it is, to help her plan a little.

I am usually a pretty crappy dessert maker. Well, unless it's a Pampered Chef dessert, and -- really -- who can mess one of those up?!

But this year, I'm thinking I might make Jim's mom's cheesecake.

Jim's mom was really a good cook.

When Jim and I traveled, we'd leave our dog, Nugget, with his parents, 'cause they loved him and treated him well.

I should say over treated.

One time we came back and Nugget had his regular vet check-up scheduled for just a few days later. They put him on the scale, and he weighed 7 pounds more than when we left -- and we'd only been gone a week!

It really kinda runs in the family, though. When Jim's parents still lived in Arkansas, we were with them 10 days and we each weighed 7 pounds more when we got back, too.

Jim's mom, Dennie, made a really interesting and tasty cheesecake. It was a recipe she got when she was growing up in Chicago. Her mom was a nightclub singer and the recipe came from one of the restaurants she sang at. I wish Dennie were still here so I could ask which restaurant it was from. 

Anyway, it's pretty unique.

Dennie made it the first day we visited her in Arkansas and she and I ate it with every meal. Every meal! We'd eat breakfast and have some for dessert. We'd eat lunch and have some for dessert. We'd eat dinner and have some for dessert. . . with ice cream.

Well, it's easy to see why I gained 7 pounds. I don't know what Jim's excuse was. He and his dad ate it maybe once. The rest? Well, it was all up to us to polish that off.

I'll make it to take to my Mom's for Thanksgiving. I'll post the recipe and it's picture and let you know how it went.

Maybe you'll want to have dessert with all your meals, too.

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  1. I can't wait to try it! It will be just like Dennie is there with us. :)Well, except it probably doesn't come with a big hug.


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