Friday, November 29, 2013

Thrive Life Food and Preparedness Supplies: Black Friday Sale (A Kathi Post)

If you are looking for a great value on long-term food storage or emergency and preparedness supplies, you'll want to know that Thrive Life is having a great sale on "Black Friday."

There are a lot of items up to 50% off, and these prices are some of the lowest I've ever seen offered by the company.

Take at look at the flyer posted at:
Here's a small preview below.

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It's great food -- just freeze-dried or dehydrated versions of top-quality foods.
There are wonderful, nutritious foods and great treats. In fact, one of my favorite treats, the Neapolitan Bits, are on the sale. If your power ever goes out for a period of time and you start to miss ice cream, just break those out of your cupboard and enjoy.

It's not just for people. The sweet corn is perfect as a treat for your chickens. Nugget (our dog) is a big fan of the green beans.

Sale starts at midnight on November 29th and goes until December 2nd. 

Thanks for looking, and thanks for your support!

 Thrive Life Foods - Kathi's Web Site

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