Thursday, January 23, 2014


Okay, fellas, how many of you were Cub Scouts when you were a kid? I was back in the 1960's. Do you remember any of the songs you used to sing? (Keep it clean now!) Do any of you remember singing Cub Scouting We Will Go to the tune of Jingle Bells?

"Cub scouting we will go
To a den where we can play:
Sunshine, rain or snow,
Happy on our way.
As buddies we will greet
Faces gleaming bright:
What fun it is when we can meet
And do the things we like!

Cub Scout days!
Cub Scout days!
Dear old Cub Scout days!
O what fun for everyone
In a den where we can play, O
   (Repeat chorus)

Nothing like a bunch of young guys whose voices have not changed yet singing this song and the poor den mother covering her ears. I'm surprised that we didn't bust a window or two with our caterwauling. But, it was fun.

Now, I hope this does not get stuck in your head. It has in mine. It is starting to make me a bit loopy.


  1. Well I be...I haven't thought of that jingle in over fifty years. Whew, I'm gettin' old.

    1. Stephen, I've got a few others I can send you. LOL!

      Thanks for stopping by my friend.


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